Dreams Nails Will Set Your Dick On Fire

Dream Nails describe themselves as feminist punk witches from hell and I am not going to argue with them (about that or anything because I’m scared they’ll hex me). They’re part Riot Grrrl, part Minor Threat and part The Ramones, with just a smidge of Spice Girls thrown in for good measure, and they’re the most fun I’ve had seeing a band I’d previously not known in absolutely ages. 

From the moment they took the stage they threw good vibes, passion and joy into the room in abundance.  They’re tight and excellent musically and can make a racket with the best of them. On record they’re equally great. Whether they’re extolling DIY ethics and female solidarity or tearing down patriarchal ideas and threatening genitalia with Deep Heat and hot sauce (“Siraracha Everywhere!“), they approach each song with a fierceness that never fails to be fun.

Anger and solidarity are more important than ever in 2017, but it’s important not to forget to make time for joy, and the way Dream Nails combine these emotions is what makes them fantastic. Be careful though, you’ll be singing lyrics like “nobody cares and your dick is on fire” for ages after listening and that can lead to some odd questions in work.

Photo Credit: Steph Jed