Dream Nails Aren’t Taking Any Shit On ‘Tourist’

I’ve written before about Dream Nails, the ‘feminist punk witches from hell’, and their new video for ‘Tourist’ continues to prove just how exciting and vital they are. They’ve been playing ‘Tourist’ live for a while and it’s become a firm fan favourite that combines everything that makes Dream Nails so brilliant. It’s got a classic punk vibe with a heavy dose of riot grrl and a hook you’ll be singing for weeks, plus a message 50.4% of the population will appreciate all too well (side eyes emoji…).

Driven by an infectious bassline, it swerves from a punchy riff to a building, forceful breakdown, and is all held together by a catchy, political and biting chorus that goes out to every guy who thinks people are for saving and the world is a film about an awkward but attractive leading man who’s just trying to find himself (“I’m not your story, I’m not your novelty, I’m not here for you to be a hero“). It’s gleefully wicked and doesn’t pull any punches or take any shit.

Dream Nails have said their second EP is on the way and if ‘Tourist’ is anything to go by it’ll be the perfect soundtrack to punching the patriarchy in the throat.

Photo Credit: Steph Jed