Don’t sleep on this one, Parting Gift are going places

Discovering bands early can be such a bittersweet experience. It’s amazing to see a band grow from embryonic state to fully fledged, touring band with a fantastic back catalogue behind them, but it comes at a price: patience. This is only the second track that Parting Gift have released and it’s the second time that I’ve featured them on POV; you could say I’m a little excited about this band’s potential.

‘Asleep’ gets right under my skin with its pulsating rhythm and emotive vocals; the same way I feel when listening to Crooks and Holding Absence, who are both good barometers for Parting Gift’s style. As much as I’m loving what I’m hearing so far, it’s excruciatingly painful waiting for the next song to come along. It can be an impatient process watching a band grow, but I’ve got a very strong feeling that when Parting Gift are ready to explode onto the scene, I’m not going to be the only one proud of what they achieve.

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