Don Broco’s ‘Pretty’ is here to bring the party

Announced via a live stream played off as bassist Tom Doyle’s wedding, Don Broco released ‘Pretty’ to a mostly unsuspecting audience.

The track, with just the right amount electronic effects to avoid sounding like Fall Out Boy, isn’t one to be taken seriously. Rob Damiani almost sounds like he’s rapping during the verses, with some harmonious boy band vocals in the bridge. There are even parts that’ll remind you of N.E.R.D’s ‘Lapdance’.

Dividing opinion more than Marmite, Don Broco have taken the criticism in their stride and prove that to be a successful band you don’t have to be moody and mysterious, and can just have a bit of fun.

A party anthem, ‘Pretty’ is going to sound huge when they hit Alexandra Palace at the end of this year.