Diving into the enigmatic mind of Lungfish’s Daniel Higgs

Recently the subject of Brand New’s mysterious air has made me think about a band whose very career is shrouded, even more so, in an enigmatic cloud. This band is none other than Baltimore, MD post hardcore act Lungfish. Since 1987, this group have delivered a vast output that is mesmerising, innovative, repetitive and cryptic. It is all guided by the seemingly omniscient and modest mind of frontman Daniel Higgs. This rare 2005 interview with Higgs from WYPR’s The Signal, which followed the release of their tenth album ‘Feral Hymns’, takes a curious peek into the inner workings of the band.

Interspersed with cuts from their discography, it is an interview that sees Higgs offering a contemplative and thoughtful lecture into Lungfish’s origins and their music, as well as his thoughts on the impact, interpretation and legacy such art has on people and culture as a whole. Definitely a must hear documentary into one of the alternative scenes’ most profound and spiritually strung groups.