Deforesters are beer-soaked feel good punk rock music

Deforesters describe themselves as “honest to goodness no bullshit punk rock,” and they have a point. They remind me very strongly of Seattle’s Success, in that regard. This is feel-good sing-along punk rock of the sort that compels one to put your arm around the person next to you, hold your beer high in the air, and sing at the top of your lungs. The songs immediately bored their way into my brain, so that upon the second listen-through they were already like old friends, so familiar and comfortable. And, in a time when many bands put out twenty minutes worth of music and call it a full-length LP, it makes me very happy that there are fully twelve songs (thirteen if you count the ‘Obligatory Cutesy Intro” – it’s really called that!) in thirty-six minutes.

I’ll bet that after you listen to this, you’re going to sing along until you lose your voice.