I used to be a teenage girl who went to an all girls school, so a love of boy bands is sort of hard wired into my being. That being said, I’m a bit too old for Busted. I like them in a general pop, “can’t help but sing along to ‘What I Go To School For’ kinda way,” but that’s it. Some of you may not know that Charlie went back to Busted and they have a new album out, and we won’t get into why, but I ended up listening to it.

Its so ’80s, I love it.

Charlie now behind a drum machine rather than actual drums, James behind a synth machine and, thankfully singing less, Matt still on bass. Chuck in some vocoders, keytars, saxophones and some influence from Daft Punk, and it makes this album a far cry from the 3-breasted women of yesteryear.

I’m not saying it’s the best album in the world, but if you like a bit of ’80s nostalgia put it on, pretend its not Busted if you have to, but give it a go. If you still hate it, there are plenty of lovely ’80s playlists on Spotify.

I was exposed to Whiskey Myers in the summer of 2015 while driving down a long deserted road on the west coast of America,¬†which is possibly the perfect place to listen to country music. While I’ve always had a soft spot for the genre, these guys have really stuck with me.

These guys are more on the rock side of country, with a hint of blues and that great southern twang. There’s more songs about drinking and having a good time than ballads about how their girl left and took the dog.

After seeing them at Download Festival and The Dome in London, its clear they are a group of¬†incredible musicians, with real talent. Have a beer, pretend its sunny outside, and listen to Whiskey Myers; it’s impossible not to have a good time.