The Devil Wears Prada’s ZOMBIE SLAY Mobile Game available now

By Tom Aylott

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA have put their music to a new mobile game called Zombie Slay, and the subject matter is, unsurprisingly, a Zombie Apocalypse.

From the press release:
Did you know there’s a zombie apocalypse upon us?! Prepare for it with Zombie Slay. Be the hero that rises from the darkness as you traverse realistic city and suburban landscape to save other survivors from disgusting, evil creatures that have overtaken the earth.

To keep your momentum up while fighting against the undead, you’ll need some serious tunes — so enjoy your personal Devil Wears Prada soundtrack while you destroy approaching zombies with a simple swipe of your finger. Your temperature is sure to rise as zombies crowd your screen, but get excited — the more you kill, the more features you unlock! Awesome weapons, much needed armour and different environments become available with more play.

The game costs £1.49, and is available from the iTunes store at the following link:

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