Polt Her Geist​ announce the release of ‘Haemorrhage​’

By Penny Bennett

Polt Her Geist​ announce the release of ‘Haemorrhage​’ on November 16, via The LP Cafe.

Rewind 40 years – a mysterious poltergeist is terrorizing an Enfield family, throwing ashtrays, possessing the kids and causing a great deal of trouble. Forward again to present day and people start receiving cryptic messages from someone claiming to be Ren​é​e Haynes​ – including emails instructing them to ‘please tell David’​, referencing details of real life exorcisms and directing people to a Chinese restaurant in Camden. Enter Polt Her Geist​, a four piece death punk band intent on causing the same havoc as their namesake.

Pre order the 7″ here

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