Other side of the coin…

By Andy

Regarding the King Prawn/Jesse James thing…this is from Jym and he stresses it isn’t the official KP line. “Babar made a statement to the effect of ‘punk is more about booze and girls than shoes and hairstyles’ during one of his rants during the 2nd song they played. During the 4th song in, JJ guy allegedly gets on stage and appears to start abusing babar, he wonders over to ‘Devil Hands‘ and ‘DH’ seems to tell him to get off stage but he wont leave so ‘DH’ appears aim a kick him up his arse. End of the song a scuffle ensued as security and fans invade the stage, security dragged off jj guy, who may have came back 2 songs later and threw a can at ‘Devil Hands‘”

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