Off With Their Heads and Discharge to release split

By Tom Aylott

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS and DISCHARGE are set to release a split 7″ .

Here’s the full statement from the band on the split:

“Yup. Totally true. I’ve held the test pressing in my hands. Here’s the scoop:

My friend Julian runs a small label in England. He asked me about a year ago if we had any interest in doing this split. I said yes, but I’m always on tour and rarely have time to write anything worth while. Long story short, it took a long time to figure out what to do. This past September was essentially the last chance I had to get it done. I still had no songs to contribute. I made a joke to my pal Bill (whom you may or may not know is the singer for a band I love called The Beltones) that I would give him $30 per song if he wrote for me. He wound up having some stuff that was unreleased. I found 2 that I really liked. How will I record these? The people that play in the band are nowhere near Los Angeles, and I have 3 days. Toys That Kill. Thats right. Whenever you are in a pinch, call Todd C and he will bail you out. So I called Toddington and he got ahold of their drummer Jimmy. Jimmy was into it. I asked him to get ahold of Mike Watt and ask if he would be into playing bass. Mike was down. We got together at Todd’s Clown Sound Studio in San Pedro and live recorded a couple of Bill’s songs. So yes, this record is yet another variation of the ever evolving OWTH playing unreleased Beltones songs for a split with Discharge. Make sense? Nope. Love it. There will be 1000 of these pressed and thats it.

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