New releases out this week [05/11/2012]

By Tom Aylott

It’s Monday! Woo! Nothing better than a good old Monday morning is there? The Winter’s setting in, another year has almost past, we’re all a little closer to sweet release and the Summer feels like an Instagrammed memory. Not to worry, because you can always buy stuff to make yourself feel better! The stuff we’re interesting in getting you interested in is musical stuff (also know as the best type of stuff), so check out our list of top shiny new things for the week below!

Rolo Tomassi – ‘Astraea’

We’ve whored this little one out over the last week, and we’re quite happy to do it again. The new Rolo Tomassi album is awesomeness defined, and it’s out today on those CD and vinyl things. The band have had a bit of a lineup change since the last release, but they haven’t slowed down a bit.


Send More Paramedics / Gallows / Feed The Rhino – ‘Wounds’

Okay, so this actually came out in the middle of last week, but it’s still in stock and ace so you should get your hands on a copy. In At The Deep End Records put this release together to celebrate 12 years and their 50th release. It’s a 10″ featuring unreleased Send More Paramedics stuff and covers of Send More Paramedics by Gallows, Feed The Rhino and Wounds. You could say that they “fleshed” the release out with the covers (LLOOOLLL!!!!!!???!!), but it’s an excellent purchase from a great label.

Blood Red 10″

Crowns – ‘Stiches in The Flag’

This debut album from Cornish folk-punkers Crowns is full of drink-along hits worthy of some of the best boozey punk, and it’s got enough of the Clash involved as well to give a bit of a unique edge. Well worth a listen and a purchase!


The Casket Lottery – ‘Real Fear’


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