Dunno about Rancid, I think it’s good

By paul

Submitted by Edd: “We finally got issue 5 of Rancid News back from the printers. 92 A4 pages, colour covers, only £1. It’s the ‘all-girl issue’, with interviews from F-Minus, The Mingers, Hanin Elias (ex-atari teenage riot), Pretty Girls Make Graves, Horrorpops, The Gossip, Melt Banana, Alison Wolfe of Bratmobile, tsunami bomb, wage of sin, and walls of jericho, plus there’s a whole load of articles, reviews and columns. Order it by mailordering us at the RN address or through paypal. Or pick it up from record stores in about a weeks time.”

Paul’s note – There’s a reason why you lot voted this as the best paper zine last year…pick up a copy, the newest issue is possibly their best yet.

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