Babyteeth release new single ‘Cut It’

By Penny Bennett

‘Cut It’, is only the fourth ever single from badass London-based five piece Babyteeth.

Grunge and punk rock inspire and inform the Babyteeth sound, especially on this latest cut as lead singer Camilla Roholm’s barbed words permeate your psyche, “You’re a disease, God help me, Just let it bleed, Cut it all out” The message is clear, don’t cross Babyteeth. “Cut It is basically a break up song,” explains Roholm. “The split might be from a partner, friend or even just a bad situation. It’s about cutting out the poisonous parts and feeling better for it. There are some cheeky references to more specific things too which we’ll keep to ourselves…”

“With the video we tried to loosely convey two conflicting states of mind,” continues Roholm, referencing the single’s accompanying music video, also out now. “The room we shot in is supposed to be reminiscent of a padded cell, yet it’s a bright colourful one that you enjoy being in so you don’t want to leave.”  And to add to the madness, drummer Samantha head-banged so hard during filming, she knocked herself out on a wall and was left with two black eyes and a forehead lump the size of a dolphin’s nose.

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