LIVE: Slipknot @ Manchester Arena

By Penny Bennett

Fresh off of their Grammy nomination for best metal performance and a six year dry spell, long standing metal giants Slipknot are out to prove to Manchester that they’re as powerful as they ever were in the metal scene.

If the masks aren’t enough in showing the bands fierce theatricality, as the curtain drops, the reveal of their stage set up certainly is. As if entering the 21,000 capacity arena was a portal to the underworld itself, ‘Prepare For Hell’ comes alive under the sinister red lighting, goats head hanging in the back and fire cannons exploding from the sides of the stage. They offer a one of a kind experience for fans, bouncing across their incredible stage set up to make sure that the roaring crowd remembers every last minute of it.

Their set list is a compilation of their best tracks from all five albums, such as ‘Before I Forget’ and ‘Duality,’ including a score of tracks from their most recent release ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’. It’s a powerhouse album that translates superbly live. Following a frenetic performance of ‘Left Behind’ there is a small halt to their set, seeing members of supporting act Korn take to the stage with a Birthday cake for turntablist Sid Wilson, crowd chorusing together to sing him the celebratory song.

Quickly it’s back into the swing of the set, wrapping up with a performance of 1999 release ‘Spit It Out’ and new song ‘Custer’. Despite the loss of the late great Paul Gray and more recent departure of Joey Jordinson, Slipknot is still on top form. With such a huge following behind them and a great progressive sound, they are a real force to be reckoned with that fortunately seem to be going nowhere anytime soon.