LIVE: This Wild Life @ St Pancras Old Church, London

By Jess

Tonight, on a dreary and cold November night, it seems fitting that Californian duo This Wild Life play their first London date in a church tucked behind King’s Cross station. The lighting is low, candles are lit, and there’s a hushed feeling of love and warmth spreading through the congregation.

The talented duo, who released their stunning second album ‘Low Tides’ at the end of September, play a varied mix of old and new material. Tracks such as ‘History’ see the crowd become the band’s own choir, adding depth and layers on top of full-blooded vocals, while ‘No More Bad Days’, a very poignant but hopeful track, is fueled with passion.

The dynamic and vibrant ‘Just Yesterday’ sweeps through the room, bringing a plethora of sweet melodies and soulful harmonies. ‘Concrete’ and ‘Brick Wall’ sees the room unite and swell, lending their voices to boost Kevin Jordan’s vocals – not that they need boosting, as Kevin holds his ground with his massive vocals.

Yet the stunning highlights of tonight’s show lie at the end of the gig; it was hoped that the band would play their breakout cover but it was still a pleasant surprise when the familiar chords of Bring Me the Horizon’s ‘Sleepwalking’ started playing. Here, Kevin could have let the room sing for him, so loud were their voices. And from this follows an even bigger surprise: fellow guitarist Anthony Del Grosso moves to the drum kit which has been set up in the corner, providing a huge band presence for final track ‘Falling Down’ – it packs a powerful punch, and ends the evening on an absolute high.

This Wild Life may have started out thanks to an incredibly well-done cover, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that’s all they’re good at. Tonight’s proven that their original material is just as, if not more so, heartbreaking, strong, emotional and, above all, utterly beautiful and personable.