LIVE: Them Howling Bones @ El Cid [24/01/14]

By Maryam Hassan

The sprawled out city of Los Angeles is home to some of the most diverse and influential music in the world. There is truly something for everybody here, but sometimes it is the lesser-heard sounds that ring the loudest. The latest trends in the Los Angeles music scene have been steadily bringing us back to the roots of rock and roll. This new tone is raw, gritty, untamed, and bold; spawning from the garages of L.A., and taking the West Coast by storm. One of these whiskey-fueled, thrashy sounds comes from a four man group by the name of Them Howling Bones; a hidden gem of a band that has the potential to unleash the wild side lurking from deep within your loins.

They belt out the downright dirty jams; pouring sex, booze, and debauchery down your throat. After only one year together, Peter (vocals), Mitch (guitar), Mondo (bass), and Collin (drums) bring a solid set to say the least. Standing straight against the wall at their show would not only be blasphemous, but down right shameful. This was demonstrated midway through their set at the El Cid, where the entire audience broke out into a hip-gyrating dance for the song “Gimme Love,” an ode to 50’s rockabilly.

There was definitely no shortage of energy throughout the night. A heavy dose of bass and drums kept our legs shaking and forced us never to stand in the same spot for too long. The guitar blared out heavy blues driven choruses along with screeching solos. Vocals resembled ‘Mick Jagger-esque’ tones that would bridge into powerful raw howls (hence the name Them Howling Bones). They were able to change gears in between songs with ease, transitioning from slow dark-tensioned jams to fast-paced, powerful blues. One minute the vibe would be that of a dark seedy bar; the next minute, we were transported inside of a ’66 Chevelle zooming through the streets of Los Angeles at midnight.

In between every song, front man Peter Bones raised his beer, saluting the audience with a “thank you” and a “cheers” before moving to the next tune. Though he may have been slightly boozed, it was clear that the gratitude was genuine, and that this group plays their music for the sheer love of sharing it with others.

Them Howling Bones is a perfect example of L.A.’s up and comers that truly deserve more recognition. Not only are they talented musicians, they are also a group of humble rock and rollers. So next time you find yourself in Los Angeles and happen to see their name, don’t hesitate; this is a show you definitely won’t want to miss.

Check out Them Howling Bones on their Soundcloud, and when you inevitably like it, show them some love on Facebook.

From L.A. with love.