LIVE: The Used / The New Regime @ The Forum, London

By Nicole Tiernan

It’s becoming the norm for a band to perform an album in its entirety, but who? That’s what The Used have based this whole tour around. A few days ago was the turn of their self-titled album, now fans gather eagerly to hear ‘In Love and Death’ played from front-to-back.

Even with enough gusto and energy, openers The New Regime do very little to get the crowd going. With a mass congregated outside in the smoking area it’s only when the shaggy haired Ilan Rubin and the guys leave the stage that the crowd start buzzing with anticipation.

As the lights dim, a strange buzz engulfs the sound-waves and the floor hurls at the instant sound of the recognisable starting speech of ‘In Love and Death’ opener ‘Take It Away’. With the crowd screaming every word back it seems that The Used were not only right to bring this tour to London tonight, but this album seems to be very close to a lot of fan’s hearts. With only a pause to celebrate Bert McCracken’s birthday, The Used continue with the evident fan-favourite ‘I Caught Fire’. With the majority of the standing crowd buzzed from a mix of atmosphere and liquid substances, ‘I Caught Fire’ goes down a treat bringing the room to an ear-drum-blowing volume.

With McCracken being extra chatty tonight, the night continues with storytelling pauses before ‘Let It Bleed’ and ‘All That I’ve Got’. But with as much energy as the track demands it’s not until ‘Listening’ that the room develops circle pits, moshing to the band’s delight. With drummer Dan Whitesides exceptionally shining during this track, it suddenly takes a more sombre turn with ‘Yesterday’s Feelings’ showcasing not only the talent of tonight’s band but the crowd as well. Screaming each line louder than McCracken and at points even more delicately, ‘Yesterday’s Feelings’ may be slower than what we’ve heard so far, but it’s by far one of the highlights if the atmosphere is anything to go by. However with The Used being more known for their catchy hard rock, ‘In Love And Death’ is a great arsenal of their more reserved and far more emotional tracks like ‘Hard to Say’ and ‘Lunacy Fringe’.

Putting his faith in the hardcore Used fans ‘I’m a Fake’ starts with McCracken questioning whether the room tonight knows each verse to the poem which introduces the last track on the 2004 album. Without missing a heartbeat the room faultlessly echoes each word, reducing the guys on stage to nothing more than a shocked grin. With the crowd keeping up the energy they’ve had all night, ‘I’m a Fake’ is the perfect ending to the album which has had the crowd gripped all night.

Not ones to leave without a signature, The Used return from their short demise to play one of their most known tracks ‘Pretty Handsome Awkward’ which sees eager fans hurl themselves over the barrier, creating circle pits, and anything to make the show one to remember. With promise of new material it won’t be another long wait until the guys from Utah are back on our shores.