LIVE: The Kimberly Steaks @ JT Soar, Nottingham

By Ben Tipple

As a live band, Glasgow pop-punks The Kimberly Steaks’ live show isn’t quite as tight as Iain Duncan Smith’s grip on the JSA budget but it’s damn close. “Aye,” they probably say in Scotland, “these boys are gid”.

Each set is broken up into several sections of non-stop, fist-pumping fun. Taking to the floor with little bravado, they burst into the title song of their new ‘Chemical Imbalance’ EP and blast through ‘Wasted Nights’. Greig’s self-loathing vocals perfectly harmonise with the bright guitar riffs that he cut from early 90s Lookout! Records and washed in the Clyde.

After each chunk of punk, there’s the briefest respite for banter and tuning, before drilling some more catchy tunes into your skull. The Kimberly Steaks play to their strengths by foregoing set padding and focusing on the music.

Such is the no-frills nature of their gigs that the phrase “This is our last song” should be taken with a pinch of salt. I’ve seen them a few times in the last year and fans I’ve spoken to have told me there’s always room for two (or three) more.

It’s handy that the trio have cracking tunes and covers to fall back on. Whether it’s 60’s pop classics or a Green Day rendition that isn’t cringe-inducing; it’s all stamped with the same quality that a lot of Scottish punk bands seem to have.

Nothing beats a room full of sweaty 20-somethings escaping from the crushing reality that they’re not where they want to be in life by screaming their lungs out to ‘Terminal Boredom’ and ‘Wrong Exit’. If you’ve struggled with your post-Uni calling and are wondering what went wrong; The Kimberly Steaks will put you right. Or, at least, make you feel less alone.