LIVE: Pulled Apart By Horses @ The Black Heart

By Maryam Hassan

So yesterday I popped my Black Heart (Camden) gig cherry with a typically awesome show from Pulled Apart by Horses. And when I say ‘awesome’ I mean it in the truest sense of the word – you haven’t lived until you’ve seen these guys live! They are a band I find it hard to describe as I don’t feel they fit into any traditional genres – you need to see them to experience their rocking raw energy and punky vibes. If you see them and don’t feel a burning urge to bounce around and scream (what you hope are the right) lyrics then I feel a doctor’s appointment may be in order! They are guaranteed to have a bunch of young fans (and me) ricocheting off each other as the band spit out tune after tune at the crowd. Concussion at one of their shows two years ago did not put me off getting back on the ‘horse’ (sorry) as the only way to see them is right down the front.

Last night was a nice mix of old (High Five – YES!) and new in the lead up to the release of their next album Blood on the 1st September. Current single Hot Squash bridges the gap between pre-2014 material and what we can expect from the new album as they shift towards a slightly more mature and melodious (yet rocking) sound. The usual addictive hooks and riffs are still present in the upcoming release but are now accompanied by more refined beats and vocals.

Also mustn’t forget to mention the support act, John J Presley and his band, who were an excellent bluesy, grungey warm up for the main event. Presley’s gravelly voice was quite mesmerising and I for one will definitely be checking out some of their recorded material – including new single Left – asap.

I first saw PABH in September 2009 and feel so lucky to still be able to see them in such intimate venues as the 150 capacity Our Black Heart which truly capture the (ultimate) power and intensity of what the four Leeds boys have to throw at us, their adoring public. Undoubtedly there will be a full UK tour later in the year to accompany the release of Blood so get involved people, you will not regret it!

by Krys Gunton