LIVE: Lights @ The Scala, London [24/02/2012]

By Tom Aylott

24 year old Canadian synth-pop princess LIGHTS (whose real name is Valerie Poxleitner) has managed to create quite the buzz around herself recently, resulting in the queue for tonight’s show winding right around the Scala and off into the far distance. Whether the majority of the crowd are here as genuine fans of her music or people intrigued by the aforementioned buzz is a bit unclear, but she’s clearly doing something right regardless.

Lights is good at what she does, and to quote her twitter: ‘I can tickle a gnarly synth’. She also has an angelic voice, and alongside her arrangements she creates some majorly inoffensive, catchy synth orientated pop tunes. At times the songs become rather samey, and we’ve all been in the situation where Twitter becomes more interesting than parts of a gig.

That said, it’s an enjoyable evening nonetheless, and with new album ‘Siberia’ out very soon (at the time of writing), this serves as the perfect setting to air a load of the new tracks such as ‘Banner’, ‘Everybody Breaks A Glass’ and ‘Flux And Flow’, while still giving fans of the older material something to leave happy about.

As we leave amongst the giggling flocks of teenagers, we were a little underwhelmed by the evening, but Lights is a born entertainer and a positive energy, and no doubt has great things to come.