LIVE: Fall Out Boy @ SSE Wembley Arena

By Tamsyn Wilce

After breaking many a heart over the past year by announcing intimate shows in and around London, shows which left many fans without tickets due to capacity restrictions, it only seemed right that Fall Out Boy returned in the latter half of 2015 to dominate one of the biggest stages our country has to offer. Two nights at the SSE Wembley Arena saw the American emo heartthrobs reunite with their adoring fanbase on a scale that takes years to master.

Despite the surprising and controversial choices in support acts, (indie-dance duo Matt & Kim and UK grime artist Professor Green) everyone within the arena had a high buzz of energy about them, proving that sometimes taking a risk with opening acts can pay off.

Exploding onto the stage and into perhaps the most famous of all Fall Out Boy songs, ‘Sugar We’re Goin Down’, the room was alight with flames and sparks are they come bursting out from behind the band, adding the much needed dramatics to their performance. ‘Irresistible’, ‘The Phoenix’ and ‘A Little Less Sixteen Candles’ follow suit, delivering humungous choruses that were heard shouted back from the crowd, whilst those of us in our seats bopped along as best we could.

Aside from the blaring pyrotechnics of the evening, much of Fall Out Boy’s performance was accompanied by artist films, scenic shots and graphics on a huge screen behind them, there was even one of floating emoji’s. What they all meant, we’re not really sure, but it was an extra touch that was otherwise unexpected.

Performing on the main stage at Wembley can always feel like you’re miles apart from your closest fans, so Fall Out Boy took it upon themselves to bring band and fan closer together, with an acoustic performance of ‘Immortals’ and ‘Young Volcanoes’ taking place from the sound desk in the middle of the arena floor. Then, whilst 3/4 of the band ran back towards the stage to continue the rock and roll show, drummer Andrew Hurley entertained the masses with an epic drum solo, which incorporated covers of the Game of Thrones theme tune and Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’ amongst others. Different and highly amusing to say the least.

The show continued, delivering hits that included ‘Dance, Dance’, ‘Uma Thurman’, ‘Thnks fr th mmrs’ and ‘I Don’t Care’. However, while each and every song was performed without fault and sounded fantastic in an arena venue, something didn’t quite sit right with the overall performance. With the only interaction coming from Pete Wentz and even that being minimal, we can’t help but feel a lack of interest from the band themselves. Their excitement didn’t seem apparent which in turn left us feeling slightly disappointed and in all honesty, they performed better at their intimate Islington shows almost a year ago. Perhaps we expected more from a band playing Wembley arena, but all we can hope is that when they next return to the UK they will come buzzing with enthusiasm, so that they can hold their crown as one of rock and roll’s greats.