LIVE: Decade / Big Spring / Wallflower @ Boston Music Room, London

By Jess

Is there anything more satisfying than a tour line-up that’s made up of exciting, fresh British bands? The correct answer is no, which is why Decade’s headline tour in support of their latest album ‘Pleasantries’ has been eagerly anticipated by many.

If you’re looking for a British version of Brand New, look no further as Wallflower are the answer you’ve been waiting for. Combining massive slabs of fuzzy guitar licks with emotionally charged lyrics, they create an emotional yet vibrant atmosphere; each riff hums with a delicious energy and the powerful yet melancholic vocals swell and soar. Despite all this, they still seem rather shy and retiring, giving off a humble and modest impression. Keep an eye on Wallflower – if they keep this up, they’re going to be huge.

In contrast, Big Spring are full of swaggering confidence which greatly complements their raw, visceral riffs. Pulsing with roaring power, they rip into a mighty set – it’s frenetic and spills over with infectious adrenaline. They’re an incredibly fun band and the vocal range is staggering, with vocals that are bold and dynamic.

Headliners Decade really step up to the mark tonight and show just how utterly brilliant they are. ‘Peach Milk’ kicks off their tight set and they don’t falter whatsoever; ‘Coffin’ simply shines whilst ‘Brain Freeze’ sees the crowd jump and sing along with ease. Polished harmonies and catchy melodic hooks go down a storm, with the crowd singing back every word with ease. A mix of material from ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Pleasantries’ is greatly welcomed; the older material shows that it still has life in it, whilst the newer songs are greeted with enthusiasm.

Ending with the rousing ‘Daisy May’, Decade show that they have truly outdone themselves tonight.