LIVE: Casey @ The Old Blue Last, London

By Jess

Since their inception, Casey have received nothing but praise for their raw, visceral music. Spoken word mixed in with heavy lyrics, placed against a backdrop of distorted guitar sounds and slabs of steady, thunderous drum work means that they’ve been likened to acts such as Touché Amore and La Dispute. And now, with their stunning debut album ‘Love Is Not Enough’ having been released, this Welsh quintet are gearing up for even better and exciting things, with a London release show first on the cards.

From start to end, Casey are exquisitely mesmerising and captivating. They’re a crushing whirlwind of emotion, which is clearly shown during ‘Haze’ and lead single ‘Ceremony’ – their blend of speed and aggression comes together superbly in a live setting. Offset with Tom Weaver’s huge vocals, they create an atmosphere that is tinged with sadness and regret, and also hope; hope that everything in life will work out fine and everything will fall into place.

The most poignant moment of the night? When the crowd sang louder than Tom during the refrain of ‘Darling’ – hearing a full room singing “And I know that you told me to leave you alone, but yours is still the only love I’ve ever known” is truly moving. The majority of people were blinking back tears and quietly looking down at the floor during this touching moment.

With a string of release shows and a tour with Being As An Ocean in the very near future, it’s no wonder that Casey are being hailed as one of the most exciting bands of the year. With crossed fingers, it’s hoped that the band will do extremely well – personal, touching lyrics combined with tight musicianship makes a winning formula.