LIVE: Bury Tomorrow / Every Time I Die / Landscapes @ Engine Rooms, Southampton

By Lew Trott

“It’s so fucking good to be home”. It’s been three years since Bury Tomorrow played a headline show in Southampton. This was a special night.

A very busy room seemed to enjoy material from Landscapes new album ‘Modern Earth’, not quite as hard hitting as the other bands on the bill but they defiantly made some new fans. Big hitters ‘Paradox’ and ‘Neighbourhood’ do the business, even a few circle pits popped up but melodic hardcore is not want these fans came to see. They’re an interesting band who focus on emotionally driven lyrics and atmospheric instrumentals but to fully get over with this crowd, you need riffs.

Straight off the back of a weekend headlining the Impericon stage at Slam Dunk Festival followed by a four-night takeover in London, Every Time I Die have hit the UK pretty hard this past week. Opening track ‘Underwater Bimbos‘ showcased the bands reputation as monsters of the live arena, playing that song straight off the bat is bonkers. Even when playing an unreleased song; entitled ‘Puddle’, they still managed to tear the place apart. A titanic pit opened and the New York band’s brand of white hot hardcore made sure it stayed that way. Oh how good ‘Floater’ is. Absolutely crushing. Every single song from this point can be placed in the “absolute bedlam” category. A million crowdsurfers is a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.

The now veteran band do have a softer side, if you can call it that. ‘The New Black’ delivers interstellar size singalongs courtesy of one of the coolest men in rock. Mr Keith Buckley. “Baaaaaby, ya’ got me all wrong!” Closing with a piano driven masterpiece in the shape of ‘Moor’ was still too much for some fans who seem altogether stunned. Savagely intense. What a band.

Nearing eighteen months since their last hometown performance, the boys of Bury Tomorrow returned to a hysterical crowd, all of which were dying to hear new material. ‘Earthbound’ was a step up in every sense, but the main difference from previous material, it’s ten times more metallic. Even at times giving off Lamb of God vibes. BIG! Choruses have always been Bury Tomorrow’s forte, and they have a shit tonne of bangers. ‘Cemetery’, ‘Last Light’, ‘Memories’ and that’s just the new album! The Southampton crowd knew each and every word. Not a formality – these new tunes slammed. Another reason why BT are awesome, forever bigging up the local scene, Paul from Desolated got up on the mic for ‘301’. Wicked.

When it’s time for the hits to come out, there isn’t a person stood still. Under the vicious command of frontman Dani, the venue is transformed into a tornado of bodies. ‘An Honourable Reign‘ demands circle pits, ‘Sceptres’ redefines how heavy metalcore can be. In the past you could have accused the band of just putting songs in to fill the set, no such problems these days. Wall to wall bangers the lot of em’!

Closing the set with an encore of ‘You & I‘ and ‘Man On Fire’, Bury Tomorrow proved why they are one of the best young heavy bands around.