LIVE: Brutality Will Prevail at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff [18/11/12]

By Lais

Tonight is Brutality Will Prevail’s album release show at Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach. ‘Scatter The Ashes’ was released earlier in the week and it’s already sold an alarmingly impressive amount of copies. The turn out at Clwb tonight is representative of the rightful buzz around BWP at the moment: they’re the band that manage to pack out every show they play and cause chaos at every turn.

The line up is great: supported by Burnt Earth, Bleak Reality, Splitcase, special guests Ark Of The Covenant and Broken Teeth, the venue goes off for every single band. The Purgatory Records roster is out in force, and they are represented by nearly every single t-shirt in the room. It’s a shame that Breaking Point can’t play anymore, but the line up well and truly makes up for it.

By the time Brutality Will Prevail take to the stage, the crowd are more than warmed up and ready for them. There’s no intro and no gimmicks, but quite simply, BWP don’t need them because they are genuinely one of the best live bands in the UK right now. The fact that a UK hardcore band on a DIY label have bothered the charts with ‘Scatter The Ashes’ is pretty incredible and completely deserved.

BWP have worked hard to get to this point and the passion and energy they incite in the crowd shows the sheer power of their music. They play a mixture of songs off their three albums – their recent single ‘The Path’ goes down an absolute storm, but the whole night is a blur of chaotic moshpits, frantic windmilling and stage dives. It’s complete chaos but that’s exactly what you expect from every single BWP show.

Brutality Will Prevail are a credit to South Wales and they deserve every single bit of buzz around them. If you haven’t picked up ‘Scatter The Ashes’ yet, then you need to. Unbelievable.