LIVE: Bring Me The Horizon / Fever 333 @ Alexandra Palace, London

By Adam Rosario

Bring Me The Horizon have arguably become one of British rock music’s leaders in the current generation. They’ve released the game-changing ‘That’s The Spirit’ over three years ago, an album that’s seen them play countless sold out shows all over the world including two nights at the O2 Arena. Now, at the start of a new cycle, BMTH are ready to return to their throne and become the band they’ve always threatened to be.

Before they’re ready to take to the stage, Fever 333 are given the chance to show why they’re also raising eyebrows and becoming a contender for band of the year. Opening with a propaganda type intro tape, front man Jason Butler is illuminated at the centre of the stage, with a black canvas hood over his face. Aric Improta and Steve Harrison bounce onto the stage, Butler whips off his hood and explode into a massive rendition of their latest single ‘Burn It’. The crowd instantly becomes a myriad of limbs and movement, with Butler demonstrating exactly why he’s the best front man in the world. A destructive ‘We’re Comin’ In’ segues into the title track for their EP ‘Made An America’. ‘One Of Us’, a track from the forthcoming new album features one of the best choruses of the night, and even features an appearance from Theresa Jarvis of Yonaka fame. A closing salvo of ‘Trigger’, ‘Walkin’ In My Shoes’ and ‘Hunting Season’ sees the band destroy their equipment, punctuated by Butler hammering his microphone through a drum. Fever 333 are set for a big 2019, with a debut album and a much rumoured UK tour to come, they’re definitely a band to be listened to.

Bring Me The Horizon are no strangers to Alexandra Palace, having made their arena debut at the legendary venue a few years ago. Arriving on stage to instrumental new track ‘I Apologise If You Feel Something’ before launching into the first song released for the ‘amo’ era, ‘MANTRA’ which delivers a powerful punch as an opener. Whilst not as heavy as previous material, BMTH are still able to bring the headbanging anthems, especially with the double header of ‘House Of Wolves’ & ‘Avalanche’. The stage setup is very basic, with a lighting rig being the main focal point. This works in BMTH’s favour, giving the music the platform to do the talking for them. ‘Sleepwalking’ still sounds as big now as it did back in 2013 whilst ‘wonderful life’ fits into the setlist with ease. Oli Sykes even manages to do his now very rare deathcore style scream. The middle of the set is the heaviest with ‘Shadow Moses’ and ‘Happy Song’ whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

The main talking point about the tour before tonight was the much lauded ‘Old Songs Medley’ which had first been played in Amsterdam for Sykes’ birthday. The band decided to keep it in the set, and hearing songs which are over 10 years old is an experience. ‘The Comedown’ slides straight in to ‘(I Used To Make Out With) Medusa’, a song that’s 12 years old and still sounds as heavy as anything else in the current scene. ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ gets the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs whilst guitarist Lee Malia wails on his guitar and Sykes’ screams the refrain as good as he ever has. The biggest surprise of the medley is a rendition of ‘RE: They Have No Reflections’, one of the first songs, BMTH ever released in 2004. Whilst chaotic, it’s an incredible nostalgic moment for the fans who have been there since the beginning.

‘Can You Feel My Heart’ rumbles through the arena and is the perfect song to sum up who BMTH are as a band. The last three songs of the set are a strange mix of ‘Follow You’, ‘Antivist’ and an acoustic version of ‘Drown’ which does give the set a weird stop-start feel towards the end, even though all three sound colossal. A short electronic interlude ends in the synths of ‘Doomed’ before a triumphant ‘Throne’ brings the evening to an end. It solidifies that BMTH are back, hungrier than ever and ready to take their place at the top end of the festival bills like they’ve always been aiming for. All Points East recently announced BMTH as a headliner and a curator for the day and tonight is evidence as to why this has happened.


– This review is based on the events of the first Bring Me The Horizon show at Alexandra Palace. On the 30 November 2018, on the last night of the tour, a young person lost their life, attending a show. On behalf of all at Punktastic, the thoughts of our staff are with the person’s loved ones, family and friends. Music venues should be safe spaces for expressing the emotions music bring out of all of us. The first rule of shows is and will always be ‘if you see someone on the floor, you pick them up.’ Anyone who reads this review, make sure you stay safe and aware of your surroundings and be sure to call for help if you feel something has gone wrong or there is a risk to anyone around you.