LIVE: Beartooth @ Electric Ballroom, London

By Jess

Since their inception, Beartooth have gone from strength to strength and, love ‘em or hate ‘em, it cannot be denied that they’ve had a massive impact upon the music scene. Not only have they walked away with shining reviews of both their album and live shows, but their emotive and painfully honest music has also helped a lot of people who suffer with mental illnesses, like frontman Caleb Shomo. So when they announced a small UK run, it was no surprise when the tour sold out very quickly.

As they launch into ‘The Lines’, there aren’t quite enough words to describe the utter carnage that goes on. They blast through the blazing tracks of ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ and ‘Pick Your Poison’, crushing speed and aggression together to churn out fast, angry anthems that get fans singing along with no problem whatsoever. And, throughout the course of the night, the pit never quite closes, with bodies being flung left, right and centre: crowd surfers hit the floor before they can even reach the front because the crowd is moving so much; fans are taken away by security to seek medical attention.

Still, the room is united in their love and awe for Beartooth, a band that have come armed with an arsenal of huge riffs that, figuratively, melt people’s faces off, rounded off with Caleb’s fantastic vocal range; he switches from guttural screams to huge, intense vocals during ‘I Have a Problem’ with ease and finesse. But the most fantastic part of tonight is seeing just how happy everyone is. Huge smiles line each face as they sing along to heartfelt and honest tracks like ‘Beaten In Lips’ and ‘Keep Your American Dream’.

Beartooth sign off with ‘Body Bag’, which resounds with the lyrics of “One life, one decision/make sure it ends with you still living” – it’s a fighter’s song, which most people in the room are; fighting depression, anxiety, any mental illness, or any problems that afflict their lives, be it at home, school, university, or work. Afterwards, fans stumble out of the venue, looking dazed but blissfully happy because they’ve found their safe place: here, with Beartooth, singing along to their songs in a sweaty room. If tonight is anything to go by, then this band’s career, which was already rising quickly, will soon become a shooting star.