Crime In Stereo – Manchester Night and Day

By Tom Aylott

Arriving prior to doors opening is definitely something I’ve not had the luxury of for a while but with them not being till 8pm I had the benefit of being in attendance within plenty of time. What better way to finish the long weekend as well.

Sharks got us underway with a set that is probably best described as trying to be old school punk. The vocals are belted out with great passion, even if he is at times trying to be a little to Johnny Rotten/Lydon. The majority of the set comprised of short punk songs sung with all the might possible accompanied by plenty of power chords at a decent speed. The penultimate song being the exception from this sound. ?Glove In Hand? was more melodic, longer and generally a bigger sounding effort. It was a solid set without being outstanding but they were definitely the better of the 2 support bands. (3/5)

Wounds, the 2nd support band, rather than the main support, based on the fact they’ve apparently shared order with Sharks on this mini tour are next up.

These guys adopt a sound that tips it’s hat more to the hardcore side of punk and probably ranks as one of the most bizarre sets I’ve ever seen. Never have I seen a lead singer spend the entire set anywhere but on stage. His position ranged from the top of the speakers, just off the stage, to the floor, to the top of the defunct piano towards the side of the stage, etc. The vocal delivery was equally strange. I don’t recall an occasion where I’ve seen a front man scream his lyrics to the side wall so much, instead of out to the crowd. I can only assume this is nerves as it gets less frequent as the set draws to a close. Intense but very surreal. (2/5)

Crime In Stereo soon arrive to finish off a big helping of live music during this long weekend. The one disappointment being there are little more than 50 in attendance to see it. They start energetically, looking to get the crowd involved/going but initially few respond during ?Not Dead? apart from a handful at the front. Although Animal Pharm a couple of songs further in does seem to have a greater affect and is probably the highlight.

Based on what’s preceded them this evening you’d argue their performance is more ‘conventional’ but that’s not a criticism. Kristian, (vocals) donning his grey hoody throughout, gives it everything and is well received by the crowd who he gives plenty of love back to. They project a level of gratitude that feels like they’re enjoying being in the UK right now. Alex and co. also back him up well and collectively they sound really good tonight.

The majority of the set comprises of tracks from ‘? Is Dead’ and their latest effort ‘I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone’ and they come across mostly in a way that would be more comparable to a ‘Daisy’ Brand New than the earlier days, as they’ve been labeled previously, this is most prevalent in the encore of ‘Exit Halo’.

CiS come across as a band a little lost as to what they want to sound like currently but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. I just feel they’ve lost some artistic direction around where they want to be. I’d definitely like to see them again though. (3.5/5)