Attack! Attack! – Camden Underworld

By Tom Aylott
Camden Underworld’s might have a permanent stale beer smell and sunken floor layout allowing pretty much nobody to see anything at a busy show, but there’s a charm to the place that can’t be denied.

Tonight’s pop-punk extravaganza kicks off with 8TH TIME LUCKIE [2/5], who fail to do anything of note outside of the ‘UK punk/pop/emo’ formula, and they’re up there with bands that are good live, but very hard to remember a single song of. Maybe given a bit of time they’ll turn the talents to carving out a style that seperates them from the pack, but banking on that might be a bit of a dead cert loss.

FREEZE THE ATLANTIC [3/5] (pictured right), with their ex-Hundred Reasons and Rueben expectations to live up to, have something a bit more substantial to offer. Dodgy sound makes light work of muddying the dynamics, but there’s enough here to keep an eye on for the future.

imageWhen ATTACK! ATTACK! [4/5] (pictured left and below) take to the stage, they immediately have the crowd in the palm of their hands. Big songs from both records go down a treat, and they’re one of many rising forces in the UK scene with increasing potential to draw in big crowds.

This marks the end of their headline tour but there’s no weariness on show – the band has been going from strength to strength recently, and it’s great to see big singalongs for such hard working soliders of the scene like the Attack! Attack! boys.

To see more photos from the show, head to Maryam Hassan’s Flickr.