LIVE: As It Is / Hindsights @ Camden Barfly, London

By Adam Rosario

As It Is confirm themselves as the next big thing…

Pop Punk is a vibrant genre. Popularized by bands like Green Day and Blink-182 in the 90s, championed by New Found Glory and driven into the mainstream by Fall Out Boy and Paramore in the 00’s, its one of those genres which most kids first find their feet in music. As It Is have the potential to be a champion band in Pop Punk. Having released their debut album ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ earlier in the day, the band headed to Barfly to play a sold out show to launch the next phase of their career…

Main support Hindsights, were given the task to warm up the crowd, and they did so with aplomb. Drawing influences from the heavier side of pop punk, bands like Neck Deep and The Story So Far have had an obvious effect, whilst the heart on the sleeve lyrics bring Mayday Parade to mind, they are a seriously good live act. Tunes like ‘Count The Eyes’ and ‘Out My Skull’ evoke Deaf Havana-esque thoughts as well. These guys have a massive upside, and a whole lot of potential. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

9.30 rolls around, and As It Is take to the stage with one intention; to blow your mind. Sure, Pop Punk is a fairly easy genre to do, but the way the band tackle their 45-minute set is nothing sure of impressive. Lead singer Patty Walters has the crowd in his hands from the moment he walks on stage, and launches into album opener ‘Speak Soft’. Barfly may be over 20 years old, but the floor underneath the feet felt like it was going to break in at anytime, especially with 150 odd kids jumping up and down. Moving swiftly into latest single ‘Cheap Shots & Setbacks’ the crowd is screaming every word back in unison. Pop Punk bands need good hooks, and As It Is prove they have those in abundance. ‘Concrete’ keeps the momentum up before a fantastic rendition of ‘Dial Tones’ brings the main set to a close. Walters’ returns a short while after and leads the crowd in a spine-tingling rendition of ‘My Oceans Are Lakes’ on an acoustic guitar. How the world has come full circle for this young man, from singing alone in his bedroom to a computer, to singing to a sold out crowd who’ve fallen in love with his band. The band close on ‘Can’t Save Myself’ which incites a full on stage invasion by the fans, leading the outro to the song to be very cut up, due to the sheer amount of humanity on the stage.

Throughout the set, As It Is kept thanking the crowd for letting them live their dreams. They may have a lot of fans, but every single one of them the band have earned. As It Is are the next big British Pop Punk band. No one has the potential these guys have. They play the Garage in May, and it won’t be long till they forget the small venues and are playing the Academies.