This is a Standoff

By paul

Paul: So, first things first, TIAS is better than Belvedere because….
Steve: Our name is much longer and more confusing.. no seriously i like both bands but i find that i’m much less stressed about this is a standoff.

Paul: Going back for a bit of a history lesson, why did Belvedere call it a day and why start a new band?
Steve: Too much touring and too much time away from home. after 10 years of pushing and pushing, we starting to feel like the rest of our lives were getting compromised. throw in a lot of debt and you get the picture. it was just time to move on.

Paul: I read that after Belvedere disbanded certain band members had contemplated giving up music completely. Is this true? What happened during that ‘between band’ time and, if TIAS hadn’t started up, what would you have done?
Steve: i’m not sure if everyone wanted to totally give up, but i certainly wanted a break as did the other. between the 2 bands, i worked a lot of construction and had some good perspective of why i need to start another band and get on the road again. if TIAS hasnt started up, i probably would have tried to do more producing in the studio and tried to find some other way to stay in the music industry.

Paul: Which bands influence TIAS – what records go on the stereo to get you pumped up?
Steve: I think we all get influenced by different things but i sure like actionman, nofx, mad caddies and aqua.

Paul: This is a Standoff are quite unique for a band because you live a fair distance from each other. How does the creative process work?
Steve: It’s sometimes difficult to manage but you make a decision that the guys in the band are who want to be in the band with. even though we live in different places we still manage to find ways to send music files and ideas to each other and occasionally get everyone together to jam it out and write.

Paul: Do you send each other lyrics/riffs on MP3s over the internet?
Steve: Yes sometimes.

Paul: Do you find keeping your distance from band members works better than it did when you lived closer together?
Steve: I think it’s a good excuse to have moderation and still have a great time. . i dont think the band consumes our lives which is a good thing.

Paul: How did the recording process for the album go? Did you do anything differetly from previous recording sessions?
Steve: It was great. a little stressful as we had 8 days to track and i lost my voice about halfway through. we mixed the album in italy which was new for all of us. i think it turned out well.

Paul: How would you describe the album to someone who has yet to come across it?
Steve: Fast, fun, short.

Paul: How did you hook up with Household Name in the UK?
Steve: Household name put out “twas hell said former child” by belvedere. when we were thinking of who should put out this album, it just made sense. i was elated that they also wanted to release the album.

Paul: Are you pleased with the reaction the album has received so far? Has it reached/exceeded expectations?
Steve: Yes i am. i feel awesome and very fortunate to put out more music. for me, it’s already reached and exceeded my expectations. i cant wait to get out on tour and reach even more people.

Paul: I understand from reading another recent interview you’ve already started writing new songs. When can we expect to hear them and will they differ from the trademarked fast and furious style you’re well known for?
Steve: We have separately been writing some new songs. We should be getting some of them together in march before the UK/europe tour. I’m hoping to be able to play at least 2 for the tour. i expect them to be a little different but fast and furious all the same.

Paul: How did you feel when you heard about the Belvedere tribute disc being released in Japan? Have you heard any of those songs yet?
Steve: We were approached by bells on records to release a belvedere tribute album. its awesome that this many people are still interested in the band.
i havent heard any of the songs yet as i believe most of the bands havent recorded them yet. but i cant wait to hear what these bands do with the songs. hopefully we’ll hear them soon.

Paul: Where are all the good technical punk rock bands at these days?
Steve: Great question, i believe there is still a lot of them out there and people who will appreciate them. hopefully as this year goes on, we’ll start to hear more and more about them.

Paul: Last question…if you could cover any one song that you felt summed up your band, what would it be and why?
Steve: “fancy footwork” by chromeo. i dont know why 🙂

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