The Young Veins

By Andy

The Young Veins’ new record ‘Take A Vacation!’ is out today. Vocalist/guitarist Jon Walker gives us an insight. Sort of.

Right so first things first – Ryan and Jon were both in Panic! At The Disco up until about a year ago. The internet hear’say and rumours have flowed ever since and it’s been suggested it wasn’t the most amicable of splits. Once and for all, here’s your chance to clear it up. What happened? (And ‘musical differences’ is a rubbish answer!)

Ok, time to clear it up. Musical differences isn’t a rubbish reason, it’s the official statement we released, and it’s completely accurate. People wanted there to be something more because we live in a society that is fascinated with other people’s personal drama, real or not.

Now it wasn’t until the end of last year that The Young Veins line-up was completed with the addition of Nick White (ex-Tilly And The Wall/Bright Eyes) on keys. Does that make The Young Veins an indie ‘supergroup’ then?


How did you both come across Nick and the rest of the band? How long did it take you to settle on the final line-up?

We really left the decision up to fate and accepted the first people we met. Great bunch of guys. 

Is there any significance in the name ‘The Young Veins’?

I’d like to hope so.

In your own words, how would you describe The Young Veins’ sound?

Travel Songs.

It’s a world away from anything P!ATD ever did, instead taking more of a 60s rock ‘n’ roll influence. Was that the bread and butter of your musical education? Which bands would you say have directly influenced The Young Veins sound?

The Beatles helped us realize that you can write any kind of song you want, The Kinks gave us hope in our musicianship and The Beach Boys are just good. 

So the new album ‘Take A Vacation!’ It’s got a real laid-back Summer vibe about it. What would you say is the perfect situation in which to listen to the record?

The vinyl, on the beach. Good luck with that.

The album cover describes it as ’11 international tracks’. Explain.

We wrote them internationally. 

Were some of the songs originally intended to be used in Panic! At The Disco, or was the whole album purpose-written for The Young Veins?

About half the songs were written while we were still in the band.

Which tracks would you pick from the 11 as your favourites and why?

‘Take A Vacation!’ best represents the album. It’s the first song we wrote and set the mood for what was to come.

So what would The Young Veins’ perfect vacation encompass?

Safari on the beach or outerspace.

Finally, you guys are currently out on the road Stateside with Rooney. Can you shed any light on TYV heading over to Europe/The UK anytime soon?


’Take A Vacation!’ is out now on One Haven Music. Read our review of it here.

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