Something Corporate

By bushy

MARK: Hi there. Can you introduce yourself and your role in the band?
JOSH: Josh Partington – guitarist

MARK: You’ve just released your brand new album ‘North’. How pleased are you with it?
JOSH: Very. It’s my favourite album we have ever made. I think that this album is a real stepping stone for our band and in many ways defines us more clearly to our listeners.

MARK: Are there any tracks you’re particularly proud of?
JOSH: ‘Me and the moon’ and ‘Only Ashes’ are my favourite.

MARK: You wrote a lot of ‘North’ on the road. Has this impacted on the overall
feel of the album?
JOSH: Not really. I think that Andrew and myself wrote more of it when we were off
the road then on. I think that this album isn’t as much of a road album as it is a missing home album.

MARK: How did the recording process differ for this album, and were you conscious
of having a much larger fan base after the success of ‘Leaving through the window’?
JOSH: We went to Seattle to record the album as opposed to doing it in LA like most records. We did it because we wanted the mood of the album to a little bit darker and we didn’t think we could completely accomplish it if we were recording 45 miles away from home. As for the fan base, personally it never really crossed my mind.

MARK: Where did the new album title come from?
JOSH: Having recorded it in Seattle, and also the fact that it was a growing process for everyone we felt like North was an appropriate title.

MARK: Most people know by now that ‘Konstantine’ is a huge fan-favourite. Did you ever consider putting it on the new album, or do you think it would detract from your other material?
JOSH: We’ve never put it on an album because it has sort of taken a life of it’s own via the internet and bootlegs that we thought to put it on an album would sort of take away from the feel of the song which is really how it is performed live.

MARK: What matters to you most: the praise of one fan, or a good review from a journalist?
JOSH: Praise of one fan by far. But you have to remember that someones opinion of your band is only one person’s opinion whether it’s a journalist, a fan, a friend, anyone, and just because somebody doesn’t like Something Corporate doesn’t make us terrible, it means we need to keep working at what we do to be the best band we can be and maybe one day they will like it, or maybe not.

MARK: You’ve just started your US tour in support of the new album. How’s that been going and how are the new songs going down with the fans?
JOSH: We are on the second date today and so far it has been great. All of the bands on the tour rock. It has really been awesome playing new material.

MARK: Are you a band that enjoys being on the road, or does constant touring drag you down?
JOSH: Touring is awesome. We have spent the last 2 years on the road supporting our band almost non-stop except for taking breaks to record albums. Constant touring can be a bit tiresome, but it’s the most rewarding experience you can have.

MARK: You’ve been to the UK several times now. Do you have any plans to return in the near future because we’d love to see you again?
JOSH: Yes, sometime this winter. The UK has been awesome to us. Playing in the UK now feels like playing a hometown show at times.

MARK: How do you rate the audiences you get over here in the UK?
JOSH: On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say it rates…..Amazing. (haha)

MARK: In the last year you’ve sold over 250,000 records, and toured extensively inyour home country as well as making trips to Europe and Japan. For the average person that never experiences any of that, how exactly does it feel?
JOSH: Again, we are so blessed to have had the success we have endured. Being able to see the world while doing something you love is something that not many people get to do.

MARK: How did you guys meet and become Something Corporate?
JOSH: We met from mutual friends. We all went to neighbouring schools.

MARK: How did you come to sign for drive-thru and would you consider that to be the most crucial decision in your musical careers thus far?
JOSH: One of the most crucial decisions. We have so much repsect for Richard and Stephanie Reines. They are really some of the only people in the Music industry that really care about the people the work with.

MARK: Considering The Movielife situation, were you guys happy with the Geffen buy-out of MCA?
JOSH: Yes very.

MARK: Did you ever think a piano-based rock band would appeal to so many younger fans?
JOSH: No, but then again I never thought I would be in Teen People either!

MARK: When you were growing up what bands influenced your decision to become a musician?
JOSH: Nirvana was a big thing for me early on. I think that they were the first band I really latched onto and connected with in a big way.

MARK: What current artists are you enjoying/drawing inspiration from?
JOSH: Death Cab for Cutie is awesome. The Jealous Sound blows me away. 311 is the best live band in the world.

MARK: Have you managed to find yourself a punk rock princess?
JOSH: No….. but still looking!

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