Palma Violets @ Coachella 2013

By Tom Aylott

Punktastic got to hang with the overheated but ever-amusing Palma Violets before their set and chatted about getting abducted by audience members, getting stuck in trees, and had an impromptu in-trailer song sesh. The amount of energy they had then was nothing compared to onstage and they’ve skyrocketed to the top of my must-see lists- check it out!

LN: Alright we’re here with Palma Violets- how are you all doing?
PV: We’re really very well thank you- how are you?
LN: You know- suffering from a bit of sun-stroke- and I’m from L.A.- so how are you all dealing with it!?
PV: Lots of ice, a lot of ice.
LN: Not a bad solution!

LN: It’s your first Coachella- how’s this weekend comparing to the first weekend so far?
PV: It’s MUCH hotter!
(argument errupts in artist trailer)
PV: I don’t think it’s MUCH hotter!
LN: As you all are rubbing ice on your heads. Awesome.

LN: Any surprises from tonight’s set that you guys can fill us in on?
PV: Well Jeffry’s been taking classes. I can’t tell you classes in what though. You’ll have to come to the set and see.
LN: Well, where else would I be really!

LN: You’ve only been around for a bout a year/ year and half- how’d you all form?
PV: Well we all formed basically at festivals. So, it’s really important for us to play them. I met Sam at a festival, met Pete at a festival, Will at a festival.
LN: Sounds like quite the bonding experience. What’s you’re fave fest been that you guys have just kicked it at?
PV: Well Secret Garden Party! Well it was- but it’s the best example we can give.

LN: If you guys could only play one of your songs for people- what would it be & why?
PV: Probably ‘last of the summer wine’ because Pete actually does something, which is good. It’s just got everything you need. It’s got synth, drums, guitar,

LN: Craziest thing you guys have seen at Coachella so far?
PV: People walking away from the Stone Roses. People just walking away- that’s not going to make the show better! We love them.

LN: There’s a lot of UK groups here actually on the lineup- have you all played with any of them before? Is it like one big reunion?
PV: We don’t know too many of the other British bands. Skinny Lister- they’re good! We missed them today because we were on the radio but last week- perfect opener to a festival.

LN: Favorite guilty pleasure song to rock out to?

LN: Wow, alright, and currently on your playlist after that?
PV: Lot of ‘land down under,’ Men At Work. ‘In the Jungle’ as well. ‘Send Me On My Way,’ Rusted Root

LN: What are you looking forward to after Coachella?
PV: Swimming. All these American shows in between are quite exciting! A lot of places we’ve never seen before. We do get to see Chicago again though! Boston (said in their best faux Boston accent. Kudos to that, gents.)

LN: Anything crazy happened on your travels so far? Any mishaps?
PV: Pete keeps getting stuck up in trees. We’re getting used to that now. He also keeps getting abducted by audience members.
LN: So any super-stalker fan stories then?
PV: Someone gave him acid and he hasn’t really come back yet.
LN: Should we put missing persons signs up for him then?
PV: Probably. That might help. We’re hoping he comes back soon.

LN: We’re definitely excited to see what’s up next for you guys and to catch you at some of your other shows over summer! Any closing remarks to friends & fands?
PV: Always Jump.
LN: You heard it here first y’all. Always jump.


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