Kids In Glass Houses

By paul

Andy had a chat with Aled Jones and Joel Fisher of Kids in Glass houses ahead of their show with Fall Out Boy in Brighton.

Punktastic: Afternoon guys, how are we all?

Aled All good!

Joel: I’m feeling quite fragile!

PT: You’re on the road with Fall Out Boy at the moment. How have the shows been going so far?

Joel: Brilliant, the reaction’s been amazing!

PT: One of these dates was at the O2 arena up in London. That must be the biggest non-festival show you’ve ever done.

Aled: That was ridiculous. It really was. On a scale of one to ten…

Joel: Eleven!

Aled: Twelve thousand – one for every person there. It was just too big to comprehend! That still hasn’t sunk in. It probably won’t until we’re playing down the pub on Monday!

PT: Do you still regularly get nervous before shows?

Joel: I didn’t really get nervous up until when we did these shows. Seeing that amount of people out there, hearing that many people screaming before you go on, it really gets to you!

PT: Since we last caught up with you two years ago, you’ve pretty much taken the world by storm. What have been the highlights of the last year or so for you?

Aled: Just getting to do what we enjoying. We got to play Japan, Reading, go on tour with Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory; we got to go to Europe for free! Everything that comes with it and in between has been awesome!

PT: When you signed to Roadrunner at the end of 2007, were you surprised at their interest in you considering their metal-orientated background?

Joel: We were very, very shocked. They had been coming to our shows for like a year, so when we did eventually sign it definitely felt right.

Aled: Yeah, they’ve been really great to us.

PT: Ok well we all know why we’re here; you’re the main support for Fall Out Boy’s current UK tour. Are you big Fall Out boy fans yourselves?

Aled: I’m really into them, I think they’re awesome. I’d never seen them live before but they’re really, really good. Lots of fire!

Joel: It’s all about the pyrotechnics!

PT: You’ve been writing for a new album to be out this year. What can you tell us about it so far?

Joel: Well we started writing when we came off tour with Simple Plan last December, and we’re still writing. It’s going pretty well so far. We’re hoping to record towards the summer time and get it out by the end of the year.

PT: Have you got a title for it yet?

Aled: It’s called ‘Not as good as the first …’! Haha. It’s a really nerve-racking thing to do. Obviously we know there are expectations, but we’re probably our own biggest critics and we want it to be much bigger and better than our first record. We won’t release it until it is. And it will be!

PT: You had Romesh Dodongoda producing Smart Casual – are you going to be working again with him this time around?

Aled: We’re kind of keeping our options open. We’re in a nice position where we can pick and choose, so there are a few other people’s ideas we’ll consider, but he’s definitely in the mix!

PT: How would you say the songs are shaping up sound-wise compared to Smart Casual?

Aled: Some of them are just a lot bigger, they’re a bit epic some of them! There’s some poppier stuff in there, but there’s definitely some of it that’ll be a lot harder and heavier too.

Joel: There might be a few 10-minute epics as well!

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