Introducing: Go Deep

By Lais

Brooklyn-based hardcore band Go Deep have just released their debut album, ‘Influence’, and we spoke to frontman Kris Kneale about the band’s sound, how they’re feeling about unleashing the new record, and if we can expect to see them in the UK any time soon.

Hey guys! Firstly, tell us about the background of the band. How, when and where did you form?

Hey! We formed in Brooklyn in 2010. It started as a project between me and my friend, Danny Rico. We decided to write a hardcore/punk record in a single night. Danny had a studio he built in his apartment, so we tracked there and he later mixed the demo. Then we sat on the songs until I finished school in 2012. That’s when we worked on a live lineup and started playing shows.

Your debut album ‘Influence’ has just come out. It’s great! For people who haven’t heard it yet, what can they expect?

Thanks! We tried our best to write a hardcore record with range. Fatigue is something I think is an issue with full lengths in hardcore, so we tried to write songs each with their own identity while maintaining the feeling that each song is a piece of a whole. Rather than focusing on one idea or theme we tried to pull from all the styles of heavy music we love. I’ve always loved the concept of an LP over an EP because there’s so much more to the story, more places it can take you.

How would you describe your sound?

Driving punk/hardcore with a hook or two. Trying to step off the path a bit.

Who or what are your influences as a band?

Musically, I think we draw a lot from various specific scenes. I loved DC hardcore of the 80s, California punk bands and metalcore bands of the 90s, and a lot of the melodic touches of Boston hardcore in the early 2000s. Aside from that, everyday life is the biggest influence. Every little thing that happens each day has weight in the music we make.

What are your plans once you’ve released the album? Do you have any shows lined up?

We are heading out on November 1st for a month long tour across the country here in the States. The tour finishes in Los Angeles and we are setting down there. Going to look for a place to live and tour from there for the time being. We’re trying to move the band into a more transient lifestyle. We want to be on the road as much as possible.

Can we expect you in the UK at any point?

Yes! We’ve wanted to come out, itโ€™s definitely in the works! Just need to nail down a timeframe and then work out the details, but itโ€™s a definite goal.

How has 2015 been for you so far?

It’s been interesting. It started with mixing ‘Influence’ with Danny. That took a long time. When you have full creative control of a process with so many choices, it can be very exhausting, and you can become very critical. We did. Then it’s been waiting. Everyone knows vinyl pressing plants are backed up. I’ve also been working in restaurants a lot. Saving a bit to shoot some videos for the record, and preparing for our tour out to LA.

Do you have any plans for 2016 yet?

We’ve come a long way to finish this record, so we are going to focus on that. Hit all the cities we’ve been to, and all the cities we haven’t. We will get a bit into writing, and weโ€™ve thought about how cool it’d be to spend time in Japan for writing whatever the next release is. I like putting wild ideas to the test and then seeing if I can make them happen.

Overall, what are your main goals as a band? Where do you see yourselves in five years?

Overall, I’d love to quit serving tables. If I could travel with my friends, play music, and survive on the road without saving up money ahead of time, I’d be very happy. Five years? I hope in five years we are touring on our third full length. Maybe in the UK? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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