Introducing: Future Talk

By Lais

We had a chat with Future Talk about their recently released EP ‘The Path That Sadness Paved’, where they see themselves in five years, and how they found the recording process with Romesh Dodangoda.

Hey guys! Firstly, how, when and where did you start the band? Tell us a bit about your background.

Hey! We formed in the early months of 2014 after a few weeks of scouting the right members. Each member has been in a band with at least one other from the band previously so it was just a case of combining past projects.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

We combine elements from the bands we grew up listening to during the noughties with a contemporary twist. We try to create vast, impactful instrumentals with catchy, memorable vocal lines that deliver sincere and honest lyrical content.

You released your debut EP, ‘The Path That Sadness Paved’, a couple of months ago (it’s really great, by the way). For those who haven’t heard it, what can they expect?

Thanks so much, we’re really glad you like it! As the title insinuates, it’s a very sadness centric release, but that doesn’t mean that it’s written from a negative standpoint. We wanted to be as candid as we could about a topic that a lot of people can relate to but sometimes aren’t able to open about as much as they’d like. ‘The Path That Sadness Paved’ is a musically illustrated documentation of an internal struggle that affects a lot of people, with an ultimately positive conclusion.

Who and what are your influences as a band?

The influential spectrum within the band stretches pretty far so finding a happy medium is pivotal to how the songs turn out. Some bands that we all can agree on are Saosin, Emarosa and Underoath. To us, the music that those bands have created is timeless and will always stand toe to toe with the trends that continuously over-saturate the underground scene.

What is your favourite thing you’ve done as a band so far?

As a collective, writing and recording music is our favourite part of being in a band so the process of creating the EP has been the most enjoyable part of Future Talk’s journey so far. Going from having a few basic song structures to a finished CD in our hands is the most rewarding feeling.

You worked with Romesh Dodangoda – how was that?

Honestly, it was fantastic. Growing up as fans of rock music in the UK, we’ve all listened to bands that have worked with Romesh to create hugely influential albums for us so having the chance to work with him on our debut EP was a dream come true. He’s insanely good at what he does and the most easy going guy so the whole experience was brilliant.

What have you got coming up after the EP release?

Now that the whole process for the EP is over we want to get out on the road and back the new release on the live circuit as much as possible. We’re working on getting some tours sorted to take us to the end of the year and into early 2016. There might be a new video for another single if we can…

What are you most excited about?

We’re just excited to see where this EP takes us. We have absolutely no expectations for it so we’re all genuinely curious to see how it does once it’s out there. Other than that, we’re stoked to get out on the road and meet as many new people as we can!

Do you enjoy being out on tour? Have you got many touring plans?

We haven’t actually had the chance to head out on tour yet but we aim to change that asap. From what we’ve experienced of playing shows, we love it!

Where do you see yourselves in five years ideally? What’s your main aim?

As we alluded to earlier, we love to create music so over the next five years we want to write as much as possible. One thing that we all want to achieve with this band is a full length album so now it’s all about building that platform to make it a plausible possibility. We want to show the world the full extent of our writing capabilities over a broader canvas.


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