Interview: Your Demise 2004 [May 2014]

By Lais

With the disbandment of Your Demise earlier this year, it emerged through a storm of social media activity that George Noble, the man responsible for the first two Your Demise EPs and albums, was going to pick up the microphone for one last time. Writer Steve Ecott sent us his interview with George and it’s a great read. Find out what he has to say on the project, and how he wants to properly mark the end of his Your Demise.

So, first things first, for people living under a rock, what is this ‘incarnation’ of Your Demise all about?

Well, quite simply, it’s just a new farewell. It’s basically the goodbye or closure that I never got. It’s a revisit of the party vibes that I proper miss from way back when, and it’ll be great to play the old tunes and see them off properly.

How did the band come about? Was it just a spur of the moment thing or something that’s been floating around for a while?

Well the idea has been knocking about for around a year or so, when Pat who’s playing bass came to me with the idea. I was pretty 50/50 at that point as the ‘modern’ or whatever Your Demise as most people know was still going. It was all in the past for me and I’d got on with my life. But the more I thought about it, and after they split, it was the perfect opportunity to jump to it and get my fucking farewell I guess. I fucking missed all that shit for a very long time, and bands I’ve done since just didn’t reflect the buzz and rush I got from playing those songs. Dean from Three Swords Records brought up the idea of an old YD reunion. It was declined by others, and I thought, ‘You know what, fuck it, i really want to do this’ and here we are I guess.

You’ve booked a tour for August of this year. How does it feel to be able to play these old YD tunes again?

It’s fucking jokes. We have had a couple practices, and literally the lot of us are laughing our fucking heads off, as it’s nothing that the five of us would ever have imagined would be a way we’d spend an evening in 2014. Every time we crack into the start of ‘Blood Stays On The Blade’ I get a proper cheeky fucking grin on and I cannot wait to blast these tunes out live. I’m mega excited.

Do you have anything you want to achieve with the band? Or is it just for good times and a bit of a celebration of the old material?

Good times. Old vibes. See old friends. Give people that never saw this YD a chance to come party. It’s just all about having a fucking great time.

Obviously a lot of people have become accustomed to the ‘new’ now defunct Your Demise. Did you feel you never really got to say goodbye before having to leave the band back in 2009?

Fuck knows what happened. My last show was Ghostfest 2009 and I didn’t know it was my last. It was a fucking horrid part of my life that I’m pretty glad I’ve forgotten a lot about. The YD shit was the last thing I was worried about at the time and as time went on I was pretty fucking pissed off. The fact I was never given any chance to say goodbye or leave it is precisely why we are where we are at now. It’s gonna be so much fun for me and I hope other people will have as fucking great a time as I know I’ll be having. Selfish as it may seem, I’m doing this for me. A lot of people are against it, or hate it, or for it and love it. Fuck it. People can come be negative or positive as fuck. I know why I’m doing this…

You’re also bringing a 12″ record out in August to coincide with the tour. What can we expect from it?

It’s ‘Blood Stays On The Blade’, with six B-sides that were never released or even played for that matter. It’s a strictly vinyl vibe. No MP3s or CDs. Just fresh as fuck plastic. I’m psyched to chuck a vinyl out for the first time personally. And Dean is buzzing his tits off about it at Three Swords Records. Glad to be collaborating with an old mate for it. There will be a few pre-sales shipping worldwide or whatever, but then it’s strictly for Essexfest and the tour. After that I might just use them as frisbees or melt them into plates in the oven. Theres a re-recording of ‘Denham’, which in my opinion slays the original recording. Can’t wait to get it out and spin it on my technics with some techy house or something.

Finally, what should we expect from your sets this summer?

Party party vibes! Most of the old tunes. A nice spread across the first to the last record featuring me on it.


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