Interview: Lower Than Atlantis [October 2014]

By Lais

Watford’s Lower Than Atlantis are back. And not only are they back, but they’ve just made the best album of their career (you can read our review here). We had a very quick chat with drummer Eddy Thrower ahead of the album release on Monday to find out how it feels to well and truly be back in the game. YES.

You’ve been away for a little while. How does it feel to be back in the spotlight?

It feels amazing. We took almost two years out to write and record this record and for a band like us to disappear for that length of time and to come back and still have our fans there supporting and wanting more from us is such a good feeling. We owe it to them.

‘Here We Go’ is an unbelievable banger. It seems like you’ve really stepped up your game. Was it a conscious decision to go in a poppier direction?

It was never a conscious decision to go ‘poppier’. The word POP was never said. It’s not about making a pop record at all. It’s about making an album we want to listen to. We took our time, we wanted to try things out and we never had the time to before. We thought about every little aspect of the music and pushed ourselves as far as we could have gone and I think that shows. If that’s making a pop album, then yeah, we did.

Can we expect more of the same from the rest of the album? Or are the rest of the songs all quite different?

Every song is so different. I know a lot of bands say that but in our case they really all are simply because we had time to try different stuff out and experiment. I think when it comes to writing an album time is definitely one of the key and most important factors. We never had time before, it was a case of coming off tour, writing and recording in a month. We learnt pretty quick that doing it like that was a dumb fucking idea.

Your new album is a self titled. Was that purposely done? Is there a meaning behind it? Usually when bands go for a self-titled album a few albums in they say something about it feeling like they’re in the place they wanted to be. Is that the case for you?

Pretty much that we feel this represents us the best. This is what we wanna do, change and develop with each album. If you can predict an album, in my eyes, it’s not worth doing.

I saw you play at Dingwalls in London and I thought you looked the happiest I’ve ever seen you onstage. Do you think that’s down to the new songs, or maybe because you were away from it all for a little while?

Well cheers mate! We were loving it. I think you’re right, its a bit of both. We feel more comfortable with these songs as we think they connect more and to be honest, sound better! But like you said, being away for so long makes your really appreciate playing live again. IT’S FUCKING SICKKKKKKKK.

It was said at one point that you felt like splitting up after the last album. Have those thoughts completely gone now?

Fuck stacking shelves mate. We aren’t going anywhere.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Will there be more touring after you release the album?

Sure are mate, off on tour with A Day To Remember in November. Then a headline show at KOKO in London on the 8th December. More tours to be announced soon!


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