Interview: Elegies [August 2015]

By Lais

We had a quick chat with Sheffield newcomers Elegies, who have just released their new EP ‘Daylight Disease’. We discuss signing to Hassle Records, working on new music and their excitement about touring properly for the first time.

Hey guys, how’s it going? You’ve recently released your EP ‘Daylight Disease’. How’s it going down?

We are overwhelmed about the feedback. It just makes us even more wet to keep writing and tour.

How would you describe ‘Daylight Disease’ to anybody who hasn’t heard it yet? And how would you describe your sound in general?

‘Daylight Disease’ has many symptoms like lack of sleep, lack of enthusiasm, spontaneous headaches and a possible blind sight for the future. It’s all about raising awareness. Don’t forget to ask iTunes for more information.

You’ve recently signed to Hassle Records. How did that come about, and how are you finding your experience with them so far?

Signing to Hassle has given us a great platform to keep doing what we do. It’s early days but if we’ve started as we mean to go on then—we have nothing to complain about.

How did your EP release show go in Sheffield?

We all really enjoyed it. We managed to sell out The Rocking Chair with people struggling to get through the door to the downstairs venue. It was the best way to celebrate what had been before and what is certainly to come.

There’s a number of successful bands from Sheffield right now – is there something in the water? But seriously, do you think you’ve taken any influence from other bands who’ve done well from your hometown?

We wouldn’t say we have taken ‘actual’ musical influences from the successful bands who have emerged out of Sheffield. Seeing bands do so well from our hometown gives you that “If they can do it, then so can we” mentality but we wouldn’t want to completely feed off someone else’s success.

On the subject of influences, who (or what) have you been influenced by as a band?

Music in general. Between the six of us we have a wide range of influences, across the many spectrums of music, which we all seem to ooze into the songs we write. This will probably become more apparent when we release more and more material.

You’ve got some shows coming up over the summer. How do you find being on the road? Do you love the touring side of things?

Aside from long drives for odd shows, we haven’t really ‘toured’ so we wouldn’t want to talk the talk before we’ve even walked yet. Saying that though, we can’t wait to give our van a run for its money. We are taking bets to see how long it will last. Find the odds on our Facebook. Bet now, get £10 free in-play betting.

What else have you got coming up this year? And what are you most excited for?

We are currently inside the dark abyss of writing new material. We are working with Drew Lawson for our second EP which will be in your ears very soon. Alongside that, we have a tour around the UK in August with plans to tour some more before we see the end of 2015. After that? You’ll see.


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