Interview: Blitz Kids (Download)

By Lais

We caught up with Blitz Kids’ comedy duo, Joey and Jono, backstage at Download Festival 2013 to have a chat about what the season has in store for the band and clear up the age old debate of Jo Brand vs. Jo Wiley.

JESS: It’s fine, I’m not contagious.

JOEY: If I lose my voice I know who to blame.

JESS: How are you guys?

JONO: Very good right now. Feeling it, feeling the festival aura, the atmosphere, soaking it up.

JESS: Is it amazing?

Jono: I’d probably say spectacular actually. Amazing would be an understatement right now.

JESS: Amazing in a normal way or amazing in a Jo Wiley at Glastonbury watching Coldplay kind of way? Like: “This. Is. THE MOST. Amazing. Thing. Ever’.

JOEY: Uch. Uch. Uch.

Jono: I do not like Jo Brand.

Joey: No one does.

Jono: She’s not funny, it’s all like “Oh, I’m a woman I’m going to talk about periods and how bad men are!”

Jess: Well, we all know about that stuff. Tell us something funny. Tell us a joke!

Joey: Yeah exactly.

Jono: [in a low, Jo Brand style voice] “Me and my husband did this…” No body cares, Jo Wiley you old bitch.

Joey: No, Jo Brand we’re on about. Jo Wiley’s the cool one.

JESS: Anyway, how are you guys enjoying Download? Were you about yesterday?

Joey: We were. We watched Slipknot, we watched Korn.

Jono: I watched Europe. I literally lost my shit [Joey breaks into Final Countdown].

JESS: Have you caught anyone so far today? OR who are you looking forward to seeing today?

Jono: I’ve seen HVH who were very very good.

Joey: We saw Young Guns as well.

Jono: They were incredible! As per usual.

Joey: They were looking sexy and slick!

Jess: Are you going to channel their all white look? Very hot this season – all white.

Joey: We are not I’m afraid. I’m wearing the most garish horrendous t-shirt.

Jono: I might wear this tomorrow because it’s getting a good reaction. My Karl Pilkington t-shirt.

Jess: It’s so creepy.

Joey: On the big screen it’s going to do very well. But yeah we’re not going to go all white because we are the clumsiest bastards ever and we will just fall over in the mud.

Jono: I wore all white at the Kerrang! awards. Mistake. And it wasn’t even my t-shirt. I borrowed it off a company which shall remain nameless because they will get angry with us. I ruined it.

Jess: Oh bloody hell. What can we expect from Blitz Kids’ set tomorrow?

Jono: We’ve gone all out!

Joey: We’re going to try really hard and look very nice. We’ve got some big…

Jono: PYRO! We don’t actually have pyro.

Jess: Do you mean sparklers? Or one of those birthday candles that never blows out?

Jono: Yeah we’re gonna come out with sparklers and Nick’s got a lighter.

Joey: Our whole stage is littered with those candles.

Jono: There’s so many that it looks impressive!

Joey: If it’s windy we’ll be fucked. If it’s not, we’ll be fine.

JesS: Well no, because they never blow out.

Jono: Of course. This was the very reason they were designed.

Joey: Our stage is gonna look really cool. We’ve got a big unicorn banner behind us, it’s going to look really nice. And Karl Pilkington behind us. Nothing can go wrong!

Jess: That is lovely. It’s that face that’s really getting to me. It’s really pink and makes me feel a bit sick.

Jono: It’s a bit sunburnt.

Jess: It’s fine. Joey’s t-shirt is better.

Joey: Woooo!

Jess: What else do you have planned over the summer? Will anything wonderful be happening?

Jono: We’re going to do some other festivals.

Joey: [in his strongest Welsh accent] We are going to go on tour with The Blackout.

Jono: That’s not summer, that’s the fall, the autumn.

Jess: Nice, everyone loves the  Welsh. Get the hell involved!

Jono: The Blackout are legends. I can’t wait for that to be honest. We’ve played shows with them before and we’re good mates with them and for them to add us as their long overdue tour support…

Joey: It’s about bloody time! C’mon guys, we’ve been waiting around! It’s fine now though.

Jono: I think it’s because we’ve been shit for so long.

Joey: And they’ve waited for us to be decent.

Jono: So now they’re like, yep cool we’ll have you now.

Jess: Thing is, they just probably didn’t want to embarrass themselves.

Joey: Who would?

Jono: I wouldn’t! We’ll be on the bill with Framing Hanley who did the Lil Wayne cover.

Joey: It’s always nice to be known for something like that.

Jess: Maybe you guys should do one, or Puff Daddy.

Joey: Hmmm, yeah.

Jono: I think you could smash a Lil Wayne cover.

Joey: [smashes into Lil Wayne]…You should just do it. I’ll play guitar.

Jess: Stand there with a Blitz Kids goblet.

Joey: A pimp cup.

Jess: Yes, lovely. So what else is going on other than touring?

Jono: We will be releasing things.

Joey: Loads of stuff is coming out, singles and things. Our new single, ‘Run For Cover’, is coming out in August.

Jono: It might be a little sooner…

Joey: The album is coming out in September which is the most exciting thing. We’ve been waiting to put that out for about 10 years. It feels like that anyway. And now it’s finally here.

Jono: And people are realising that we’re not rubbish anymore. Which is of course is all subjective, and some people will think we’re still rubbish which is fine – they’re allowed to do that but they’re wrong.

Joey: Which airport are we near to? There’s loads of planes.

Jess: East Midlands. Well thanks very much for this chat. There’s been highs, lows and laughs. it’s been great, you smashed it.

Jono: So proud of Punktastic. Hashtag SPOMB.

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