In The Studio With Lewis Johns: Pariso/Svalbard & exclusive track stream

By Tom Aylott

We’re back with Lewis Johns in the studio today, taking a look at the process behind the new Pariso/Svalbaard split, which features new tracks from, both bands and two collaborative songs! We’ve also got an exclusive play of a track from the release too, so have a read while you take a listen…

Who are you recording at the moment, and what have they been recording?

A while ago I finished up a split album from Pariso and Svalbard featuring some songs from each band and two collaborative songs written by both bands together.

How did your relationship with the band begin? How did they hear about your studio and were you a fan of theirs previously?

I’ve known the guys in Pariso for a few years and got to know them initially whilst touring together in my old band. They also recorded their last album with me so knew exactly what to expect when coming into the studio. Although saying that, on this record we did take quite a different approach from the last. I met Svalbard for the first time on the first day of recording actually, but before that had chatted to Liam a little via email so was really cool to finally meet and get to know them, and find out about their passion for the small horses down the road from the Ranch. Since the session we’ve stayed in regular contact whenever they’ve come to Southampton and are near the sprinkles ice cream parlour near my house…

What set up have the band generally been using in the studio?

The idea for this record was to record as much live as possible to capture the live feel of both bands and overdub vocals and any bits that could do with beefing up after. We used (nearly) all the same equipment for both bands so the record would be cohesive, even though there are two quite different bands playing very different songs. Its not really an approach I would usually take but I think this turned out well and definitely helped keep the same feel throughout the record.

Were there any new techniques or new gear that you’ve tried out in the sessions? How did they work out?

Yes! The studio bought a new amp, Its a Badcat Hot Cat and its absolutely my favourite amp ever! I’ve used it on every session since. Incredible bit of gear!

What’s been your standout moment of the recording process for this session?

There were a few. Everyone seemed to get ill during this session (including myself) and getting through the overdubbing was tough! Serena lost her voice and was chugging £38 honey to do her vocals, and still did an amazing job on it! My ears also blocked and I had to get them syringed halfway through the session. Luckily though I have two super cool assistants Rob and Dave, who came to the rescue and finished off the rest of the overdubbing.

What’s next on the agenda after this recording?

Im currently mixing the audio for the Funeral for a Friend ‘Hours’ DVD they have planned which Im very stoked on. Also just finishing off the new Gnarwolves album and Im really happy with how its turning out. They’ve done an incredible job of the songs and I think its my favourite production and mix I’ve done so far (until the next week).

The album is available for preorder now through Tangled Talk, Holy Ground (USA), Swarm of Nails (FR), Through Love Records (GER) and Smithsfoodgroup DIY (NL – Cassette Only)

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