Further Seems Forever

By paul

PAUL: “To all of the people in the UK that might not have heard of the band, how would you describe your sound?”
STEVE: “I would describe it as melodic rock with an unorthodox structure to it.”

PAUL: “You’re currently on tour with Onelinedrawing, how has it been going and are Jonah and the other boys good to tour with?”
STEVE: “Actually the tour does not start until January 29th. So I dont know how they are yet. [He laughs]

PAUL: “Whoops. Well I saw on your website that you have a mammoth tour planned up til April. How important is touring to the band?”
STEVE: “It is essential because touring pays our bills and helps record sales.”

PAUL: “What would you say are the best and worst aspects of touring?”
STEVE: “The best aspect would be meeting and playing for new faces every night and the freedom of travel and exploring places you may have not been before. The worst aspect would be in my case time away from my wife and being cooped up in a van with 5 or 6 other people 24-7.”

PAUL: “What is your favourite song to play from ‘The Moon Is Down’ record that you released last year?”
STEVE: “I’d say ‘The Moon Is Down’ and ‘New Desert Life’ are my favorites to play.”

PAUL: “You recorded a split EP with the Recess Theory, how did that all come about?”
STEVE: “They are from South Florida like us and we were all friends and also friends with Chad from Takehold so we just decided to do it basically.”

PAUL: “As you are a band on the Tooth and Nail label does it piss you off that too many people lazily use Christianity to pigeonhole all of the bands?
STEVE: “Not really. I think people seem to be more open recently in the music scene. I think the people that happen to like our music, like it regardless of what we may be labeled by zines or whatnot. It [religion] plays a part as far as we thank God for giving us the gift to write and perform music. We are vessels for Gods spirit to flow through I believe. On the album the previous singer wrote a lot about relationships and life experiences.”

PAUL: “Do you think that the success of bands such as MxPx and The Julianna Theory is good for a label like Tooth and Nail and also good for the bands that are on it?”
STEVE: “Well actually Tooth and Nail is 50% a major label now anyways. EMI bought like half of the company, so it has its good points. Our record is distributed many more places now then it even used to be before the merger.”

PAUL: “How healthy do you think the ‘punk’ scene is at the moment?”
STEVE: “I think the indie scene is strong in general now and hopefully it will bleed over more to the mainstream so people can hear new sounds and more
creativity then what is in the mainstream now. Especially in the rock genre.”

PAUL: “Finally, if you had to use one of your lyrics to sum up what FSF are all about, which one would you use and why?”
STEVE: “Brandish your new courage proudly.”

PAUL: “Thanks a lot for your time Steve. Anything to add?”
STEVE: “Hopefully we can make it out to your neck of the woods soon. To everyone who will read this…… Take care and God bless!”

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