By paul

PAUL: “Hi J. You have played on the same bill as some pretty cool bands; Offspring, New Found Glory…the list goes on. Which tour sticks out in your mind as being the most memorable, and why?”
J: “I think our fave tour was supporting The Offspring on their UK dates 2 years ago, it was such a buzz playing such large venues and cos they were all sold out we knew we were gonna have a
great time. It’s not that often shows like that come along, it was all new to us which made it so cool, we will never forget that tour. Also the European tour supporting The Dickies was mad… 11 countries and 35 shows in 36 days!”

PAUL: “Whilst we are on the subject of bands that you have toured with, which have been the worst band to tour with and why?”
J: “We’ve been lucky, all the bands have been so cool. Some more friendly than others but no great fall outs!”

PAUL: “You seem to always be on the road, is this something that Caffeine decided on from the beginning?”
J: “Well when the first album was out we just played everywhere… again and again. Touring is something we love doing, you can’t beat playing live.”

PAUL: “The last question about touring I promise…is it something that you enjoy more than the recording process, and what do you do to wile away the hours in between shows?”
J: “Recording is cool but really you just wanna get out and play the songs to a load of far more fun.”

PAUL: “You’ve just signed to a Canadian label. How did all of that come about?”
J: “The label is Straight Ahead Records, they got in touch through, there’s a load of our songs you can download and they liked em. Straight Ahead have a compiliation out in May called ‘Planet of Punks Vol 2’ including tracks from Mad Caddies, Good Ridence and Consumed…and one of ours, then they release our EP. We’re buzzed up about it all, they are cool guy’s and our pushing us in
Canada and the U.S.”

PAUL: “Over the last few months you’ve been recording a new record which I’m guessing will see the light of day later this year. Is there a name for it yet, who produced it, and what can Caffeine fans expect from it compared to your previous releases?”
J: “The EP is called ‘Arouse Me’, it’s a more full on punk record…it’s gonna be out in May over here. Plus we’ve got a track on a PlayStation2 game coming out in the Summer.”

PAUL: “You’ve got a pretty damn big UK tour coming up later in the year. Are any surprises lined up for the live shows? Any new cover songs thrown into the set?”
J: “We ‘re going out with our mates 4ft Fingers.. so it should be pretty good fun, no covers…yet.”

PAUL: “After the UK tour what do you have planned? Are any of the European punk/alternative festivals on the agenda?”
J: “We’ve got some shows in Belgium and Switzerland lined up for August/October and more shows in the UK afterwards.”

PAUL: “What one Caffeine lyric do you think sums up the band best?”
J: “For the Kids.”

PAUL: “Finally, just a few stupid quickfire questions: What is your favourite flavoured crisps?”
J: “Black ones.”

PAUL: “What songs would you like to be played at your funeral?”
J: “Anything by Kiss.”

PAUL: “If you could be any other member of the band for the day, who would you be and why?”
J: “Alain, our singer, cos he’s always going back home to Italy for the sun and beach…lucky guy. Andy’s from thanks!”

PAUL: “If you had three wishes what would they be?”
J: “Endless wishes.”

PAUL: “Finally, who is better, Blink 182 or Sum 41?”
J: “Blink by far.”

PAUL: “Thanks a lot dude, appreciate it.”
J: “See ya in the pit on the next tour! Cheers.”

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