During the recent Leeds all dayer put on by Bombed Out Records, we managed to grab Blocko in between their set and beer. Blocko have a new full length record due out this year, so be sure to check that out; read on for more details..

P: Hi Blocko.. could you introduce yourselves, and what do you play?

Marc: I play drums, i’m the quiet one.
Nij: I sing, play guitar
Lloyd: I play bass, drink beer

P: What sort of stuff are you doing in the new year in terms of tours and records?

Lloyd: The little label we’re on has got our full-lengther coming out this summer. We’ve got about 11 songs we’re gonna try and get nice and tight – there’ll be a couple of split singles out, one in Japan, on a alabel there called Waterslide; and hopefully one with another band called the Crowes – we kinda blagged that, so…

P: What do you think about the UK punk scene as a whole at the moment?

Nij: It’s cool!
Lloyd: There’s a lot of people going out to gigs now, that weren’t a few years ago. Some of us in the band are a bit older than a few of the people at the shows. So we’ve seen what it was like 10 years ago, and now it’s phenomenal. There’s still people who say that kids will come out to see American bands, but not English bands, but that’s changing a lot.
Nij: Yeah, there’s a real sort of community going on where bands put other bands onto gigs. A lot of them tend to get onto American band’s tour anyway. A lot of that rubs off anyway, the positive feeling between the bands rubs off on the people who come here. It’s fun – they’re just the same as everyone else, you can come here and have a lot of fun.
Lloyd: A lot of the merch they’re giving out is quite cheap as well, so people can buy stuff and hear new music.

P: What do you think of current popular punk bands like Sum 41 and Blink 182?

Nij: They’re alright, I wouldn’t buy any of their records, ‘cos i’m not into that, but people need to be educated.
Marc: I’m like that – I wouldn’t listen to the stuff, but I was talking to my sister the other day – she’s listening to Green Day because of Sum41, so its like a way of getting people into other stuff.
Lloyd: Yeah, a few years ago you’d never hear anything about that kind of music, and if people listen to that sort of stuff they’re gonna think “There must be something else out there”

P: How would you describe your particular sound?

Marc: British Melodic….
Lloyd: Punky Guitar… We’re often compared to bands of like 6/7 years ago. We’re totally not bothered about it, it’s where we came from.. Melodic popcore.. (TM)

P: You’ve got absolutely nothing to do all day, and £10 spare. Where do you go and what do you do?

Nij: I’d go to the cafe and get some tea. And biscuits.

P: Is that your rock’n’roll answer then?

Nij: Yeah, unfortunately.
Marc: I’d go to the pub, ‘cos you can’t get much crack and whores for a tenner.

P: What are you guys listening to at the moment then?

Nij: You!
Marc: A lot of Samiam again, getting back to that sort of stuff.
Lloyd: Strike Anywhere, Super Chinchilla.

P: What would you say your personal musical influences are?

Lloyd: Guitar bands.
Nij: A chap called Gordon Smith.
Marc: Stuart from Big Coutnry
Lloyd: On a personal level, certainly Megacity.

P: What labels would you say that you have the most respect for?

Marc: All the hardworking British DIY ones.. there’s loads that do a damn good job, like Boss Tuneage, ‘cos we’re on them, there’s Bombed Out and Household name as well.
Nij: There’s so many that put their own money and time into it for the love of the music to help out bands or whatever.

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