Attack Attack (US)

By paul

To say Attack Attack! have had some stick from all corners in the last 18 months would be an understatement. Whether it be for “dancing” like crabs, coining the phrase ‘crabcore’, or for having former singers talk absolute rubbish on YouTube, they’ve perhaps inadvertently fuelled the fire. The band are set for their debut UK dates in October, but truth be told, they really don’t give a fuck about what you think…

PAUL:Hi, can you please introduce yourself and your role in the band.
ANDREW:My name is Andrew Wetzel, and I play drums.

PAUL: For those yet to hear Attack Attack!, in one sentence how would you describe your band?
ANDREW: The epitome of care-free rock and roll.

PAUL: You mix up a lot of different sounds and genres…how on Earth did you find your sound?
ANDREW: We just took all of our personal musical influences and put them all together.

PAUL: You’re from Westerville, Ohio. As Punktastic is a UK-based website, what’s your hometown like? Has it inspired you in any way as a band, whether it be in songwriting or in the band’s sound?
ANDREW: Westerville is a nice little suburban city in central Ohio that we all call home, and we all enjoy returning to. It really hasn’t done much to influence us besides be a safe haven for us off of tour.

PAUL: Does it piss you off that people know you because of the whole ‘crabcore’ thing?  Who in the band was the first to start doing it? Does it concern you that people may not take you seriously because of the way that you move on stage?  Has ‘crabcore’ been a career helper or a career hinderance?  Do you consider it to be a gimmick?
ANDREW: We really don’t care. Andrew Whiting was the first to start it. We don’t care if people take us seriously. It’s helped a lot for sure. I think it’s a gimmick. It started as a joke, and it spiraled out of control like many jokes do.

PAUL: Let’s be honest – you’ve faced a LOT of criticism over the last two years and it’s probably got worse as your popularity had grown.  Do you still read what is said about you, whether it be in magazines or on the internet?  Does it affect you in any way?  Do you think it’s fair that people have been so harsh?  The Buddyhead review of the ‘Stick Stickly’ video in particular was pretty nasty…
ANDREW: We enjoy reading reviews and all kinds of “bad” press. It’s truly entertaining. There is no fair in this industry. We do our thing, and if people want to hate, they can go for it. They just fuel our success.

PAUL: The now infamous YouTube video interview with your former singer Nick Barham…when that hit the internet did you just think ‘what has he done?’ or did you just take the criticism and the comments in your stride?
ANDREW: I’m not even sure which video you’re referring to, which I suppose answers your question at the same time. If it hasn’t been made apparent yet, I’ll reiterate. We REALLY don’t care what other people think. We have a great time doing what we’re doing, and it’s working. So screw it.

PAUL: You’re on your third lead vocalist now…is Caleb for keeps?  Is there a reason you’ve changed vocalists so many times in such a short space of time or are you simply unlucky?
ANDREW: Caleb is definitely for keeps. He should have fronted from the start. For the first time ever, our band is truly a well oiled machine. Just let the record show that nothing will stand in our way as a band.

PAUL: You use a lot of auto-tune, both on record and live.  Why do you do this? And do you think it adds fuel to the fire for those who don’t take you seriously?
ANDREW: Auto-tune is a fun effect. We don’t use it as much anymore because we’re moving in a new direction now, but it’s definitely a fun effect, and can add a lot to your show if you know what you’re doing.

PAUL: How do you prefer to listen to music – CD, MP3 or vinyl?  On a similar note, is packaging important to you?  As a band do you take extra care in presentation or do you think the music should do the talking?
ANDREW: I usually listen to MP3/MPEG4 on my iPod. It depends on what you’re trying to do with your record. Our artwork played a large part conveying a message before you listen to the record. A change has been made, and there is something new at work.

PAUL: Are you aware of the UK band Attack! Attack! ?  Have you ever listened to them?  What did you think?  Have you ever thought of changing your name because of the clash?
ANDREW: I’m aware. Never listened. No opinion. No. I wasn’t aware there was a clash?

PAUL: You tour the UK in October for the very first time.  Do you have any expectations of how good that tour may be or what UK crowds will be like?  What can we expect from the Attack Attack! live show?
ANDREW: We get A LOT of fan mail from the UK, so I’m expecting the shows to be insane. You can expect the best we have to offer live. Unless we’re super jet lagged, then you’ll need to give us a few handicap points. Other than that, we’re going to leave a path of destruction wherever we go.

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