All Wound Up

By paul

PAUL: “How did you come across the name All Wound Up?”
“Our old guitar player Kaylen came up with it. We thought it sounded cool so we went with it. I think… It’s like a little kid running around out of control and his mom is trying to catch him and calm him down. Or like a nervous person that’s all uptight and wound. It’s just funny.”

PAUL: “You’ve been compared to bands like The Ataris and MxPx, do you think these are fair comparisons?”
SEAN: “I don’t think we are like those bands. But that is because I’m in the band, so I know the songs inside and out. People might compare because we play a similar style of music as those two bands.”

PAUL: “You named your last record ‘Hero’. Who were your heroes growing up?”
SEAN: “Well, Troy’s hero would have to be Fabio, you know, that sexy long haired man that gets all the ladies? Troy likes him a lot. Joe’s would have to be the Def Leppard drummer, y’know, the one armed bandit. Jeremy’s is Ron Jeremy, I think you all know why. And my hero is Chevy Chase, oh, and Troy from the band and Joe and Jeremy.”

PAUL: “How did the recording of the album go? Any memorable stories to tell?”
SEAN: “The album recording was a blast!!! It went smooth and our producer is a damn funny man. We recorded it in Little Rock, Arkansas, with some good ‘ol boys. As for memorable times, the whole trip was good. On the plane ride home we had a rough mix of two songs and we let this weird older lady give it a listen and when she was through she told us we sounded like Bon Jovi!”
JOE: “The recording of the album was a lot of fun. Barry Pointer and Jason
Magnuson, however you spell that, are the raddest guys ever. I probably
shouldn’t be too specific about memorable stories but it was a good time.”

PAUL: “What is your favourite lyric from the album and why?”
JOE: “My personal favorite lyric is “unconsiously believing.” It means a lot to some of us in the band.”

PAUL: “Do you have any fanatical fans that have done strange things to get your attention?”
JOE: “Fans are funny. We don’t have more than two or three but they do funny stuff. They show us their boo…….uh, legs alot.”

PAUL: “What are All Wound Up‘s plans for 2002? Is there a new record planned or any extensive touring?”
JOE: “We don’t have anything set in stone for 2002 but we want to get in the studio and tour a lot. We’ll see.”

PAUL: “You are currently on the Christian label Tooth and Nail Records. How much influence do your religious beliefs have on the creative output of the band?”
JOE: “Honestly, the Christian side of our band is personal. We aren’t in this band to evangilize. We would prefer it if people would listen to the music
instead of worry about our input on being religious in any way. We wanna be
recognized by our talent, not our opinion.”

PAUL: “What do you think of bands such as Sum 41 and Good Charlotte who have shot to success almost straight away without neccessarily earning it ‘the hard way’?”
JOE: “Uh, I dont really know how to answer that considering I would like to be them. I think its cool for them but sucks for the bands that have to work
for it. Wasn’t GC drafted or something? *laughs*”

PAUL: “To you, what is the most enjoyable part of being in All Wound Up?”
JOE: “The best part of being in the band is touring. It’s good to not have
responsibility and a beverage in your hand all the time. *laughs*”

PAUL: “What was the last gig that you went to as a fan and was it any good?”
JOE: “I haven’t been to a show for a while but the last one was Alkaline Trio and it was rad.”

PAUL: “Can you remember the first All Wound Up show? Where was it, who else played and how did it go?”
JOE:The first All Wound Up show was like 5 or 6 years ago. We had all of our friends come so there was a lot of people but we sucked really bad. It was
fun though.”

PAUL: “Finally, if you could appear in any cartoon which would it be and why?”
JOE: “If I could be in a cartoon I’d be in King of the Hill. I’d be Hanks nieces boyfriend. You know, that girl in the red shirt…”

PAUL: “Hey man, thanks so much, anything to add?”
JOE: “Check out a band called Brodie! Alright dude, hopefully that does it for ya. Later.”

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