By paul

Remember the name Jaime Macefield. You might not know it yet, but I assure you that within the next 12 months you definitely will. His band The All New Adventures Of Us is already becoming one of the most talked about bands in the fanzine scene, but it’s his side-project, The Remarkable Rocket, where you’ll find the real gem. The band, named after an Oscar Wilde book, started off as Jaime and his acoustic guitar but was quickly reinforced by his friend Harry Cooper who throws violin, piano and virtually every other instrument you can imagine into the mix. The pair do lush, emotive acoustic strummings as well as anyone in the UK. Citing The Weakerthans and Bright Eyes as influences, the pair has attracted comparisons to Dashboard Confessional – not that they like them. “As much as I love ‘The Swiss Army Romance’, I think that Dashboard are so obvious,” Jaime states. “The Rocket have a much bigger folk influence and although I can’t quite work it out, there is something really false about Chris [Carrabba].” Jaime and Harry have now been playing for around three months and have already recorded half a dozen songs that are available for download. Harry added: “We have known each other for a few years and although we’ve both been playing music for pretty much as long as we can remember we never actually tried out playing together until in the last three or four months. We jam in the country park opposite my house once all the dog-walkers are tucked up in bed.” But they don’t just talk a good game. Support slots with The Early November and Brandtson have gone done extremely well and Jaime even took on Badly Drawn Boy at a spot of London busking – and won. “I went down to London for my show at the Kingston Peel with Brandtson, but when I got to Waterloo I realised that I couldn’t afford to go any further so I just decided to whip out my guitar and bust out a few Sunny Day Real Estate and Far songs. I made about £4 in half an hour which just about managed to pay for my ticket to Surbiton, so I was happy,” Jaime smiles. And for the rest of the year? Expect a The All New Adventures Of Us record first, then plans to record a split EP featuring the Rocket. “After that our plans are to harass Jools Holland until he lets us onto his show,” he jokes. One day that will happen…no joke.

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