By paul

PAUL: “Why did you decide to call it a day with Uncle Brian?”
DAN: “Basically, I’m not into it anymore. I think I’ve just gradually grown away from the music.”

PAUL: “When did you make your mind up and was it a difficult decision?”
DAN: “It’s been in the back of my head that I haven’t been enjoying it for about a year now and after the Wheatus tour I started to think maybe I’d be better off out of this band. Then after a lot of thinking and spending some time away from the band I decided this was to be the end for my days in Uncle

PAUL: “Have the band decided if they are going to carry on?”
DAN: “I think they plan on carrying on. Good luck to them! They have my support!”

PAUL: “What are your abiding memories of being in UB?”
DAN: “Well, good and I’m leaving now for that reason, if I was to stay on much longer the band and the fans would notice I wasn’t enjoying myself and that makes everything 100 times worse and therefore make my last days in the band a nightmare. So, to answer your questions my memories of my time in Uncle Brian are good, very fond ones.”

PAUL: “Have you parted on good terms or are we facing another Whitmore?”
DAN: “GOOD TERMS!!! I can’t stress that enough! The last thing either parties wants is another childish playground squabble. We’re all grown ups and we’re also mates. It goes without saying that things will be a little a weird between us for a while but I’m not leaving because I hate them all, that couldn’t be more far from the truth, they’re some of my best friends and will always consider them to be.”

PAUL: “You’ve decided to start a new band, what is it called? Tell me a few details…about influences etc…”
DAN: “The Worst Chance. That’s the name of my new project which at this current time has 2 band members, me and my friend Mike. We plan to record in August with me playing Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and singing and Mike playing Drums, Guitar and some backing vocals. We want to do this recording with just the 2 of us to get everything exactly how we want it and so when we go to form a full line-up we’ll only get people that can hear it and know if they are really into it. With regards influences, and i’d hope that you can’t hear any really obvious ones in the finished product, but both me and Mike are influenced by kind of the same sort of stuff…. Jimmy Eat World, Alkaline Trio, The Ataris, The Used, The Cure, Deftones, Weakerthans, Saves The Day, Hot Rod Circuit…..the list goes on…The songs we’ve got so far, about 7 of them
in total, are sounding really, really good and I’m sure when people hear them they’ll understand why I had to leave Uncle Brian. I feel really positive about it all!”

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